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Objecting to veto of abortion ban

Date 06 May 1996 17:03:13

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Lifewatch leaders speak out
against veto of abortion ban

                 by United Methodist News Service

     Leaders of Lifewatch, a group of United Methodists opposed to
abortion, expressed emphatic disagreement with other members of
the denomination who supported President Clinton's veto of a ban
on what is being called "partial birth" abortion.
     In a statement issued May 2, Ruth Brown of Dothan, Ala., and
the Rev. Paul T. Stallsworth of Rose Hill, N.C., executive
director and president respectively of Lifewatch/Taskforce of
United Methodists on Abortion and Sexuality, said, "There is
nothing -- not one thing -- good about partial-birth abortion."
     The statement declared the group's opposition to President
Clinton's April 10 veto. The President had objected to the lack of
an exception to preserve the health of the mother, but Lifewatch
said such an exception results in the procedure being used on
     Brown and Stallsworth specifically differed from several
United Methodists who joined leaders in other denominations
supporting the President's decision on this issue. (See UMNS story
No. 231<2945> issued May 1.)
     "As United Methodists concerned about the protection of human
life, we denounce President Clinton's veto of the Partial-Birth
Abortion Ban Act," the Lifewatch statement said.
     "We also denounce the support of United Methodist leaders who
stand behind this gruesome means of abortion," it continued.
     Lifewatch/Taskforce of United Methodists on Abortion and
Sexuality is primarily concerned with changing the heart and mind
of the United Methodist Church on abortion, according to its
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