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Date 04 May 1996 15:25:06


96057                      College News 
                         by Julian Shipp 
TULSA, Okla.--Author and historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. will be the 
keynote speaker at the University of Tulsa's 1996 international conference, 
March 13-16, titled "Religion, the  New Tribalism' and the Future of 
Democracy."  The conference will focus on conflict among the world's major 
religions and ethnic groups. Other speakers include Azizah al-Hibri, a 
professor at Richmond School of Law whose specialities include Islamic 
jurisprudence, democracy and women's rights; David Little, director of the 
working group on religion, idealogy and peace at the U.S. Institute of 
Peace; Khalid Duran, editor of "TransState Islam" and a senior fellow at 
the Institute of International Studies in Washington, D.C.; and George 
Weigel, a Catholic theologian and president of the Ethics and Public Policy 
Center in Washington, D.C. For more information, call Lynne Novack, 
executive assistant to the TU president, at (918) 631-3842. 
BLOOMFIELD, N.J.--The Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation in New York 
has awarded Bloomfield College a gift of $74,000 toward its three-year 
commitment of $210,000 in support of the Bloomfield College Faculty 
Development Program. The program will address the implementation of an 
agenda of liberal learning with interdisciplinary courses in the 
humanities, creative arts, and technology and the national and social 
CLINTON, S.C.--The long and rich connection between an Atlanta church and a 
South Carolina college was celebrated Feb. 14 when Presbyterian College 
dedicated its new $5.2 million academic center. The state-of-the-art 
facility, which houses five academic departments and features a conference 
suite and multimedia amphitheater, will be named in honor of Peachtree 
Presbyterian Church and its senior pastor, Dr. W. Frank Harrington, a 1957 
alumnus of the college who serves as chair of PC's board of trustees. 
Peachtree Presbyterian Church provided exceptional financial support for 
this particular capital project and has been a vital supporter of 
Presbyterian College for several decades, having been named a Distinguished 
Member of the William Plumer Jacobs Society -- a special group of 
benefactors of the college -- in 1988. 

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