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Our Readers Respond

Date 04 May 1996 16:05:54


96101                  Our Readers Respond 
     In January, we asked readers to answer the following questions and 
mail their responses back to us.  Our goal was to determine how informative 
and valuable "NEWS BRIEFS" is to readers; whether and how the information 
in "NEWS BRIEFS" is passed on to other interested Presbyterians; and what 
feedback about "NEWS BRIEFS" our readers wished to give us. 
     The Presbyterian News Service thanks the 421 readers who responded. 
Below is the tally of those responses.  In addition, a staff retreat has 
been scheduled for early April in which the narrative responses will be 
discussed as we plan for the future.  Once again, thanks for the help, and 
whenever any reader has any question or comment about "NEWS BRIEFS," please 
call, write or E-mail us. 
                    * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
1.  How informative is "NEWS BRIEFS" to you?     278  Very informative 
                                                 115  Somewhat informative 
                                                  27  Not very informative 
                                                   1  Not at all informative 
2.  How useful is "NEWS BRIEFS" in your ministry? 133 Very useful 
                                                  195 Somewhat useful 
                                                   61 Not very useful 
                                                   18 Not at all useful 
3.  Do you share "NEWS BRIEFS" with others?       114 Share with other staff 
                                                  181 Share with elders 
                                                  178 Share with other 
                                                   99 Only I read it 
4.  Do you reprint "NEWS BRIEFS"?                  41 Make copies for staff 
                                                   82 Make copies for elders 
                                                   45 Reprint for bulletin 
                                                  103 Reprint for newsletter 
                                                  218 Don't reprint 
5.  If you reprint "NEWS BRIEFS,"  
    how many copies?                            6,319 copies cumulatively 
6.  In all, how many people in your church see all  
    or part of "NEWS BRIEFS"?                  22,394 people cumulatively 

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