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Reader Survey

Date 04 May 1996 20:38:45


96016                     Reader Survey 
     One year ago, the circulation of "NEWS BRIEFS" was expanded to include 
all pastors serving churches.  Our goal was to get news and information 
about the Presbyterian Church into the hands of pastors and other leaders 
in congregations.  We need your help to  assess how well we are attaining 
that goal.  Please take a moment to answer the following questions, tear 
off this page and mail it back to Jerry Van Marter, Coordinator for News 
Services, 100 Witherspoon Street, Room 5418, Louisville, KY 40202-1396. 
Thanks for the help.  Though this questionnaire is designed primarily for 
pastors serving churches, we welcome all responses. 
                    * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
1.  How informative is "NEWS BRIEFS" to you?    _____ Very informative 
                                                _____ Somewhat informative 
                                                _____ Not very informative 
                                                _____ Not at all informative 
2.  How useful is "NEWS BRIEFS" in your ministry? _____ Very useful 
                                                  _____ Somewhat useful 
                                                  _____ Not very useful 
                                                  _____ Not at all useful 
3.  Do you share "NEWS BRIEFS" with others?  _____ Share with other staff 
                                             _____ Share with elders 
                                             _____ Share with other leaders 
                                             _____ Only I read it 
4.  Do you reprint "NEWS BRIEFS"?          _____ Make copies for staff 
                                           _____ Make copies for elders 
                                           _____ Reprint for bulletin insert 
                                           _____ Reprint for newsletter 
                                           _____ Don't reprint 
5.  If you reprint "NEWS BRIEFS",  
     how many copies?                   _____ copies 
6.  In all, how many people in your church see all  
            or part of "NEWS BRIEFS"?             _____ people 
7.  What should we add to, delete from or change about News Briefs to make 
it a more valuable  resource for you? 
8.  What else would you like to tell us? 

For more information contact Presbyterian News Service
  Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Louisville, KY 40202
  phone 502-569-5504            fax 502-569-8073  
  E-mail   Web page: 


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