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Self-Development of People Funds 16 Projects

Date 04 May 1996 21:52:30


96040      Self-Development of People Funds 16 Projects 
                         by Julian Shipp 
SAN DIEGO--At its Jan. 19-20 meeting here, the National Presbyterian 
Committee on the Self-Development of People (SDOP) funded 16 projects 
totaling $309,342. Money for the grants comes from the One Great Hour of 
Sharing offering. 
     The funded projects are 
     Kolisorkoh Agricultural Development Association, Kolisorkoh, Sierra 
Leone: $9,524 to increase agricultural production by reducing post-harvest 
losses among residents. 
     Tawopaneh Agricultural Project, Mamuna, Sierra Leone: $11,200 to 
improve the quality of life through self-sufficiency in food production, 
improved roads and transportation system, water supply and overall 
administrative management capacity. 
     Kharas Women's Cooperative for Needlework and Sewing, Bethlehem-West 
Bank: $14,200 to train women in traditional Palestinian needlework and in 
marketing their goods. 
     Community Revolving Fund, Kampala, Uganda:$30,000 to develop a 
revolving lending source for impoverished women to train them and provide 
loans for micro-enterprises such as farm projects, fishing, apiary, oil and 
grain processing, baking, handicrafts, tailoring and market-related 
     Fish Farming Project, Mulfira, Zambia: $8,000 to build six contour 
fish ponds, which will enable agricultural cooperative members to develop 
fish farming and become more self-sufficient. 
     Kyakalinga Self-Help Water Project, Kyakalinga-Nunguni, Kenya: $12,960 
for a water development project for the village. 
     United Coffeemen El Carmen, El Carmen, Costa Rica: $34,000 for the 
purchase of a tractor to facilitate the production, harvest, and transport 
of coffee from small farms. 
     Folk for Grassroots Development, Lira, Uganda: $4,150 for a 
community-based water project aimed at empowering the community to be 
     Collective for Housing Development, Masaya, Nicaragua: $30,000 for a 
collective house-building project. 
     Draught Animal Power Project, Budokomi, Kenya:$4,308 to purchase oxen 
for agricultural work. 
     Blocks Together, Chicago, Ill.: $30,000 for residents to combat gangs, 
crime and deterioration of their neighborhood. 
     Triangle Park, Chicago, Ill.: $24,000 to develop and maintain a safe 
neighborhood park and a newly developed parking lot. 
     Women's Network of the Red River Valley, Moorhead, Minn.: $30,000 for 
programs and events that counter the oppression of women and girls of the 
13 counties in northwest Minnesota and eastern North Dakota. 
     Native American Organizing Project, Virginia, Minn.: $34,000 to create 
a place for Native Americans to gather and learn from each other and from 
tribal leaders their skills, language and culture. 
     Colorado Avenue Northwest Cooperative, Inc., Washington, D.C.: $18,000 
for the acquisition and rehabilitation of a 36-unit, four-story building by 
mostly low-income residents of the property. 
     Yaqui Indian Community Center, Tucson, Ariz.: $15,000 to perpetuate 
and preserve Native American culture and create jobs through the formation 
of a community center. 

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