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Education Curriculum for 2000 and Beyond Approved

Date 04 May 1996 20:40:53


95366Christian Education Curriculum for 2000 and Beyond Approved  
                         by Julian Shipp 
LOUISVILLE, Ky.--The Congregational Ministries Division (CMD) Committee 
approved a new Christian education curriculum Sept. 30 called "Covenant 
People," a program intended to take Presbyterian educational ministry into 
the year 2000. 
     Designed to replace the present "Celebrate" curriculum, "Covenant 
People" is a Bible-based, comprehensive Christian education program that 
emphasizes the importance of faith, education, and spiritual life to 
congregations, teachers, parents and students of all ages. 
     In what may be its most unique feature, the curriculum asks 
congregations to sign a covenant agreeing to 
       make Christian education a priority. 
       use "Covenant People" resources. 
       require and provide training for teachers. 
       make the best possible use of educational space. 
     In return, the developers of "Covenant People" agree with 
congregations to 
       provide resources that will relate obviously, directly and helpfully 
to people's lives. 
       listen faithfully and respond to congregations, Christian education 
needs and concerns. 
       share working models of Christian education from a variety of 
      The new materials were developed and presented by the CMD Resource 
Development Program Team, which in July examined Presbyterian educational 
ministry at the turn of this century. 
     "Celebrate" and "Bible Discovery" constitute the present Presbyterian 
curriculum. Under the proposal, "Celebrate" would continue to the year 
2000, then be discontinued. 
     "Bible Discovery" or a similar format will continue much longer, 
according to Ed Craxton, CMD associate director for Christian Faith and 
     Popular with Presbyterian congregations, Craxton said, "Bible 
Discovery" accounts for 68 percent of curriculum sales. He said Christian 
education staff are being encouraged to pursue talks with other 
denominations to "explore the possibility" of continuing a "Bible 
Discovery"-type curriculum ecumenically beyond the year 2000. 
     "For there to be any possibility of [such a curriculum] it is 
important for us to begin exploring this now with other denominations," 
Craxton said. 
      The program team will report its progress to CMD Committee members as 
the curriculum undergoes further development.  As with any major program 
introduced in the denomination, there are likely to be several revisions 
and clarifications before the materials receive final approval by the 
General Assembly. 
     However, initial responses by CMD Committee members were favorable and 
     "There [is] a multitude of resources on the drawing board and we are 
excited," said the Rev.  Joanne R. Hull, an educator from Greensboro, N.C. 
     "I'm very much impressed with the basic design of the curriculum," 
said Freda A. Gardner, another CMD Committee member and educator from 
Princeton, N.J. 
     "My reaction is that this is very promising," said the Rev. Blair R. 
Monie, CMD Committee chair from Dallas. 

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