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Date 05 May 1996 07:32:29


                       NOTES ABOUT PEOPLE 
                     by Jerry L. Van Marter 
     Donald Argue, 55, president of North Central Bible College in 
Minneapolis, has been elected president of the National Association 
of Evangelicals.  He takes office April 1. 
     Argue, a former Assembly of God pastor who earned his masters 
degree at Santa Clara (Calif.) University, a Roman Catholic school, 
is considered by many a bridge-builder among various religious 
     Founded in 1942, the NAE claims an estimated 15 million 
members spread over 80 denominations.  The primary tenet of the 
association is the infallibility of the Bible. 
                              # # # 
     A joint statement issued by the National Council of Churches 
(NCC) and Robert K. Soong has absolved Soong of any wrongdoing in 
connection with the NCC's loss of $8 million dollars as a result 
of a bad investment in the Bank of Bohemia in Prague, Czech 
     Soong resigned as director of finance and administration for 
the NCC last May, about the time the NCC revealed the financial 
disaster. "Mr. Soong was not personally involved in selecting this 
investment," the NCC statement said.  The NCC said the statement 
was issued "because of the coincidence" in timing between Soong's 
resignation and NCC efforts to recover the $8 million. 
                          # # # 

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