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Date 05 May 1996 15:18:44


95130                   NOTES ABOUT PEOPLE 
                      by Jerry L. Van Marter 
     Maggie Kuhn, 89, who "celebrated" her forced retirement from the 
United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. (UPCUSA) in 1970 by founding the 
Gray Panthers, died April 22 at her home in Philadelphia. 
     Kuhn had worked in the UPCUSA national offices in New York City for 25 
years until she ran up against the church's mandatory retirement age of 65. 
"They gave me a sewing machine," she once recalled, "but I never opened it. 
I was too busy." 
     Instead, Kuhn formed the organization that now numbers 40,000 members 
in 32 states.  The Gray Panthers' primary cause is fighting age 
discrimination, but it has addressed a variety of other social justice 
issues over the years.  The organization's credo states that it will 
advocate for "fundamental social change that will eliminate injustice, 
discrimination and oppression in our present society." 
     Maggie Kuhn leaves no immediate survivors. 
                              # # # 
     A South African government inquiry has cleared the Rev. Allan Boesak 
of allegations that he misused foreign contributions to a foundation he 
established to help child victims of apartheid. 
     While the inquiry found no criminal misconduct on Boesak's part, it 
criticized his management of foundation funds as negligent and sloppy.  The 
accusations created a scandal in South Africa earlier this year, forcing 
Boesak to give up an appointment as South Africa's ambassador to the United 
Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. 
                              # # # 
     The Rev. Don Wilson, associate director for social justice in the 
National Ministries Division, has announced his retirement, effective June 
30.  Wilson has been a member of the denomination's national staff for 27 
years and has served as a minister for 42 years. 

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