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Date 05 May 1996 13:06:54


                         By Julian Shipp 
LOUISVILLE, Ky.--The Presbyterian Publishing Corporation (PPC) will 
terminate its accounting contract with Corporate and Administrative 
Services (CAS) Aug. 14 and establish its own accounting department. 
     The decision, made by the PPC board of directors at its May 22-23 
meeting here, is expected to result in the elimination of seven 
accounting-related positions in CAS.  The Publishing Corporation notified 
denominational officials June 1 that it was terminating the accounting 
contract with CAS. 
     PPC president and publisher Davis Perkins said the decision stemmed 
from PPC's desire to enhance its operational efficiency. PPC is an 
independent company whose imprints and product lines currently include 
Westminster/John Knox Press, Geneva Press, Presbyterian Publishing House, 
and Presbyterian and Reformed Educational Ministries (PREM) curriculum. 
     Several options have been created to minimize the potential hardship 
on affected employees, said General Assembly Council executive director the 
Rev. James D. Brown. They include: 
     * Employees currently providing accounting-related service to PPC will 
be given serious consideration by PPC as it staffs its new accounting 
     * Any CAS employees now providing service to PPC who are offered but 
do not accept employment by PPC, and all other affected CAS accounting 
employees, will be eligible for continued service within the GAC, according 
to current denominational personnel policies. 
     *Any employees who lose their jobs will be eligible for severance 
benefits under the personnel policies. 
     "Our position is we want to interview these [CAS] people," Perkins 
said. "We want to build on the experience and knowledge they have about 
publishing accounting and possibly bring most, if not all, of them onto our 
     Perkins said the remaining contracts with CAS for distribution, 
computer services, and leasing will not be affected by the reorganization. 
He said PPC accounting will be directed by Belva Ollis, PPC controller.  
     Ollis said postings for the new positions went up June 1 in the 
Presbyterian Center. She said staffing decisions will be made as soon as 
     "We've had limited response right now, but I think that's because the 
announcement is so new," Ollis said. "I have received some applications and 
inquiries from others who have gotten detailed job descriptions from me and 
they are considering whether to apply." 
     Ollis said that if PPC cannot find applicants internally, the 
positions will be announced externally. She said corporation officials hope 
to have a functional accounting department within PPC by Aug. 14. 
     G.A. "Pat" Goff, CAS director, said that any employees who are not 
hired by PPC could still find employment within CAS. Goff said CAS has 
maintained a "high level" of temporary and term employees, which, he said, 
offers increased staffing flexibility. 
     Even so, Goff said, there remains a lot of uncertainty among affected 
employees about their employment options. And there remains the possibility 
that some employees could be separated from church employment. 
     "We're going to try to move at a pace to have conversations with 
people and give candid assessments of what the [employment] opportunities 
are and what our plan is so that people can make reasonably informed 
decisions," Goff said. 

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