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Date 05 May 1996 08:07:03


                     FOR BUSINESS ARE LIGHT 
                          by Alexa Smith 
LOUISVILLE, Ky.--Staff predictions of a "light" business year were 
made in a report on marketing and operations changes planned for 
the 207th General Assembly (1995) to a joint meeting of the 
executive committees of the Committee on the Office of the General 
Assembly (COGA) and the General Assembly Council (GAC). 
     "Its a light year, definitely," associate stated clerk the 
Rev. Scott Schaefer said, citing only 18 presbytery overtures to 
date, none dealing with historically controversial issues. 
     Schaefer said planners of this year's Assembly, July 15-21 in 
Cincinnati, shifted its focus from an event purely designed for 
commissioners and advisory delegates to an event "in the life of 
the whole denomination." 
     What that means, he said, is an Assembly that is more visitor-friendly 
and that invites Presbyterians to simply come to its events. Promotions 
will go out through national publications and through the work of the local 
committee in Cincinnati. 
     Schaefer said changes include: 
     * a single opening worship that is a communion and missionary 
commissioning service which includes local Presbyterians, rather 
than having local churches host visitors; 
     * mission tours and educational events running simultaneously 
with committee meetings so visitors may chose from a variety of 
     * easily indexed plenary reports so visitors may follow 
business more readily; and 
     * showcasing of awards and installations, as well as mission 
     Schaefer said visitors will pay a $40 registration fee -- up 
from last year's $15 fee -- to cover costs of increasing available 
materials and events. 
     Reports coming to the Assembly include:  per capita task force 
recommendations, a process for developing a new catechism, an 
election of stated clerk search committee, proposed revisions to 
the rules of discipline and proposed amendments to the Book of 
Order affected by the proposed document of the Special Committee on 
the Consultation on Church Union (COCU). 
     In other business, the joint committee debated the value of 
themes for the Assembly, noting that this year's emphasis is 
stewardship, and next year's focus is vocation and call.  

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