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Date 05 May 1996 09:00:11


95302               PRESBYTERY AND SYNOD NEWS 
                      by Jerry L. Van Marter 
GRAND FORKS, N.D.--Concern about the mission of the church in higher 
education has led the Presbytery of the Northern Plains to create a special 
panel to assess the presbytery's role in ministries to higher education. 
The special committee is chaired by the Rev. Charles House, retired former 
president of Valley City State University. 
RICHMOND, Va.--A five-member panel has been appointed to review the 
financial and management practices of the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic office 
and issue a report by the end of the year.  The group will be convened by 
the Rev. Ben Lacy Rose, moderator of the 1971 General Assembly. 
     The review is the latest step in a process that started last December 
with allegations made to the synod's trustees.  The trustees ordered an 
independent audit.  The synod's finance and personnel committees followed 
up with their own reports on the matter, including some policy and 
procedural changes in office operations. 
     A full audit of the synod's finances for 1994 showed no abnormalities. 
In May the synod council appointed four of its members to meet with synod 
office staff, trustees and presbytery executives.  That group reported back 
to the council in late June.  It was then that the five-member panel was 
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.--"Anger and Ministry" is the theme of the second of two 
retreats this year sponsored by Santa Fe Presbytery for its clergy and 
their spouses.  Organized by the presbytery's Committee on Ministry, the 
retreat will be led by the Rev. Lewis Wilkins, a pastor and educator for 
more than 30 years, and Judith McDonald Wilkins, Presbyterian elder and 
family systems therapist in private practice in Lubbock, Texas. 
JACKSONVILLE, Fla.--The Rev. Edward Albright, Jr., executive presbyter of 
the Presbytery of St.  Augustine, celebrated the 30th anniversary of his 
ordination with a three-month sabbatical from May through July. 
     Albright spent much of the time in Geneva, Switzerland, with leaders 
of the World Council of Churches, the World Alliance of Reformed Churches 
and the Conference of European Churches discovering congregational mission 
models from around the world for confronting violence and extending care to 
its victims. 

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