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Date 05 May 1996 08:42:07


                         By Julian Shipp 
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.--With the goal of connecting young people to each 
other, the whole church and the whole world through faith in Jesus Christ, 
the Presbyterian Youth Connection (PYC) was introduced July 29 at the 
Presbyterian Youth Trienniium. 
     According to PYC organizers, identity, belonging and leadership 
opportunities were three key needs that emerged from a recent study of 
young people in the Presbyterian Church (USA). 
     In response to those needs, the 207th General Assembly approved the 
creation of a new national youth ministry organization named the 
Presbyterian Youth Connection. During a PC(USA) denominational meeting at 
the Triennium, young people were given details about the program by church 
leaders and encouraged to sign up. 
     Moderator Marj Carpenter, one of the guest speakers at the meeting, 
said she is "sinfully proud to be Presbyterian" and that the denomination 
needs young people since they represent the future of the church. 
     "You are my hope `cause you'll you'll be around for 60 years to keep 
going out with missions," Carpenter said. "I'm very proud that we 
[Presbyterians] meddle into everything and I'm really proud of what we've 
done in mission fields." 
     Announced at this year's General Assembly in Cincinnati, PYC is built 
on five goals of the National Presbyterian Youth Ministry Council, which is 
comprised of representatives from all synods and racial ethnic caucus 
groups and national staff for youth ministry at the General Assembly level. 
The goals are: 
     *To call young people to be disciples of Jesus Christ. 
     *To respond to the needs and interests of young people. 
     *To work together, youth and adults, in partnership. 
     *To be connected to the whole church, community, and world. 
     *To include all young people, reaching out and inviting them to belong 
to the community of faith.     
     According to Rodger Nishioka, member of the 1995 Presbyterian Youth 
Triennium Design Team and associate for leader development for youth 
ministry in the Congregational Ministries Division, an information packet, 
including a catalog of PYC resources, will be mailed to congregations in 
     "We're developing a whole new generation of youth ministry resources," 
Nishioka said. "For instance, there are plans for a Triennial Youth 
Assembly that will set policy and design plans for the future of young 
people in this church of ours." 
     According to Nishioka, other resources include: 
     *A step-by-step guide to help congregations, large and small, build an 
effective youth ministry. 
     *Program sessions for middle school/junior high and high school youth 
     *Annual retreat designs for presbyteries. 
     *A leaders' newsletter. 
     *A step-by-step planning guide for presbyteries and synods. 
     *Novelty items with the Presbyterian Youth Connection logo. 
     A series of PYC "road shows" is scheduled for this fall. New program 
resources will be available in January of 1996. In the meantime, the church 
is asked to pray for the National Presbyterian Youth Ministry Council and 
others who are implementing plans for the PYC.  

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