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Self-development of People Funds 11 Projects

Date 25 May 1996 07:57:27

23 May 1996 
96195     Self-development of People  Funds 11 Projects 
                         by Julian Shipp 
OCHO RIOS, Jamaica--At its May 15-19 meeting here, the National 
Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People, (SDOP) funded 11 
projects totaling $271,788. Money for the grants comes from the One Great 
Hour of Sharing offering. 
     The funded projects are: 
     Baku Cassava Processing Project, Baku Self-Initiative Farming Group, 
Bali-Nyonga, Cameroon: $12,300 for the cultivation, harvesting, crushing 
and processing of cassava into garri, tapioca, biscuits and industrial 
     Dairy Project, Mwenda Pole Self-Help Group, Bushenyi, Uganda: $16,000 
for rearing dairy animals so that the standard of living of recipients will 
be raised and enhanced via proceeds earned from the milk and by-products of 
dairy animals. 
     Tailoring, Kyangaranga Noi Women's Club, Bushenyi, Uganda: $2,724 to 
train women to sew and mend clothing for their families and other people in 
the community. 
     Northwest Austin Council, Chicago, Ill: $20,000 to an organization 
that is working to improve the safety of a troubled and evolving Chicago 
neighborhood. The organization is working to strengthen parents in the 
community, combat drug abuse and gang intimidation, and form links between 
neighbors and other organizations. 
     Homeless on the Move for Equality (H.O.M.E.), Chicago, Ill: $30,000 to 
an organization that builds self-esteem and develops leaders among the 
homeless in Chicago. 
     Self-Empowerment of Low-Income Families, (S.E.L.F.), Crookston, Minn: 
$30,000 to an organization which encourages self-determination of 
individuals and families living in poverty through workshops, referrals, 
networking, training and social activities of the organization. 
     Mobile Production Studio, The Archives, Brooklyn, NY: $50,000 for the 
purchase of a state-of-the-art video recording, editing and production 
equipment van by a collective of visual, print and media artists currently 
documenting black history. (In addition to economic benefits,) the group 
hopes to provide an alternative view to that presented by the mainstream 
media, so that blacks and others have an accurate perspective of their 
     Northwest Neighborhood Environmental Organization, Inc., Roanoke, Va: 
$30,000 to an organization that provides low-income families with 
affordable rental and home ownership opportunities in their neighborhood. 
     Acequia De Los Chicos "La Salada Repair," Velarde, N.M: $30,000 for a 
water irrigation project to benefit poor and economically depressed farmers 
and orchard growers. 
     Centro Hispano Community Board, Little Rock, Ark: $15,000 for a 
Hispanic community program that helps meet the need for translators, 
English classes and parent support groups; that supports use of local 
resources and advoctes for better treatment of Hispanics by public entities 
such as Immigration and Naturalization Services, motor vehicle licensing 
departments, etc. 
     Sunland Park Cooperative Daycare, Sunland, N.M: $35,764 for the 
development of a daycare center which will provide income stability for a 
group of women to support their families as well as serve as a model for 
other women. 
     At the meeting Self-Development of People Committees were certified 
in, 19 PC(USA) presbyteries:  Lake Michigan Presbytery, Eastminster 
Presbytery, Miami Presbytery, Muskingum Valley Presbytery, North Central 
Iowa Presbytery, Homestead Presbytery, Chicago Presbytery, Whitewater 
Valley Presbytery, Western North Carolina Presbytery, Albany Presbytery, 
New York City Presbytery, Geneva Presbytery, Los Ranchos Presbytery, 
Central Florida Presbytery, Providence Presbytery, Arkansas Presbytery, 
Lackawanna Presbytery and Lake Erie Presbytery. 
     According to denominational guidelines, SDOP Committees must be 
composed of a majority of persons who are representatives of racial/ethnic 
minority groups. At least 75 percent of committee members should be members 
of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Chairpersons must be Presbyterian. 
     Organized after the 182nd General Assembly (1970) of the former United 
Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, SDOP is a ministry 
that works to empower poor, oppressed and disadvantaged people who are 
seeking to change the structures that perpetuate poverty, oppression and 
     SDOP receives the majority of its funds from the One Great Hour of 
Sharing Offering given annually during Lent by Presbyterians nationwide. 
This ecumenical offering provides SDOP the opportunity to enter into 
partnerships with communities worldwide. It also supports the Presbyterian 
Hunger Program and Presbyterian World Service. 

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