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Date 05 May 1996 12:55:40


                          by Alexa Smith 
LOUISVILLE, Ky.--Moderators and vice-moderators, chosen from the ranks of 
elected commissioners, have been assigned to the 17 committees preparing 
for the 207th General Assembly in Cincinnati, according to the Assembly 
Arrangements Committee of the Committee on the Office of the General 
Assembly (COGA).  Committee assistants have also been chosen to aid the 
work of the committees. 
     In the following list, persons are named in order -- moderator, 
vice-moderator and committee assistant -- followed by their presbytery. 
1.  Bills and Overtures:  the Rev. Susan Andrews, National Capital; the 
Rev. Mark Lomax, Greater Atlanta; and Elder Judith Ott, San Francisco. 
2.  General Assembly Procedures:  Elder Larry Cooper, Sierra Blanca; the 
Rev. Faith Jongewaard, Des Moines; and Elder Barbara Murphy, Los Ranchos. 
3.  Church Polity:  Elder Julius Poppinga, Newark;  the Rev. Linda Toth, 
Eastern Oregon; and Elder Nancy Harper, Ohio Valley. 
4.  Rules of Discipline:  the Rev. Steve Braden, Ohio Valley; Elder Doris 
Michel, Giddings-Lovejoy; and the Rev. David Aber, Redstone. 
5.  Catholicity:  the Rev. Robert Martin, Peace River; Elder Robert 
Reinovsky, Santa Fe; the Rev. Barbara Anderson, Albany. 
6.  Pensions and Benefits:  the Rev. Sally Willis-Watkins, Newton; Elder 
Robert Harvey, East Tennessee; and Elder Richard Coffelt, Grand Canyon. 
7.  Theological Issues and Institutions:  Elder Nell Woodward, Los Ranchos; 
the Rev. Glen Bell, Whitewater Valley; the Rev. Aurelio Garcia Archilla, 
San Juan. 
8.  Christian Vocation:  the Rev. Andrea Pfaff, The James; Elder Richard 
Malmberg, Northern Kansas; and the Rev. Lesley Davies, Utah. 
9.  Global Partnerships:  the Rev. Brian Shin, Cincinnati; Elder Janet Ney, 
Lehigh; and the Rev. Keith Paige, Louisville. 
10.  Mission Priorities and Budgets:  Elder Effie Bynum, New York City; 
Elder Ben Land, Pines; and the Rev. Jill Hudson, Whitewater Valley. 
11.  Church Orders and Denominational Programs:  Elder Lyn Hamilton, The 
Redwoods; the Rev.  Eugene March, Western Kentucky; and the Rev. Steven 
Yamaguchi, Los Ranchos. 
12.  Stewardship:  the Rev. Bill Henning, Arkansas; Elder Sally Belden, The 
Western Reserve; and the Rev. Gradye Parsons, Holston. 
13.  Educational Mission:  Elder Ana Braulio-Corchado, Southwest; the Rev. 
Don Barnes, The Pacific; and the Rev. Victor Yoon, Greater Atlanta. 
14.  Evangelism:  the Rev. James Mead, Olympia; the Rev. Robin Valdez, 
Grace; and Elder Betty Jane Crago, National Capital. 
15.  Peacemaking and International Justice:  Elder Bill Thompson, Chicago; 
Elder Nettie Harrell, Baltimore; the Rev. Brenda Brooks, Philadelphia. 
16.  Environmental Health Issues:  Elder Martha Sessler, Twin Cities Area; 
the Rev. Jeff Silliman, Utah; Elder Nikki Applegate, San Francisco. 
17.  National and Urban Issues:  the Rev. Oscar Perdomo, Central 
Washington; Elder Jane Fox, Pittsburgh; and the Rev. Catherine Ulrich, 
     Moderators and vice-moderators are appointed by the General Assembly 
moderator.  Committee assistants are appointed by the stated clerk. 

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