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Date 05 May 1996 12:59:00


                          by Alexa Smith 
LOUISVILLE, Ky.--Six international presbytery partnerships were formalized 
by vote of the Worldwide Ministries Division Committee here March 10.  Four 
renewals or extensions were approved as well. 
     This means 45 formal international partnerships now exist between U.S. 
synods and presbyteries and similar bodies abroad, the Rev. Homer 
Rickabaugh, associate for presbytery and synod international partnerships, 
told the committee. 
     He said 31 other presbyteries are in the process of formalizing 
     "These [partnerships] are part of a movement ... changing basic 
expectations of how this church does mission in the whole world," said 
Worldwide Ministries director the Rev. Cliff Kirkpatrick. 
     New partnerships in Guatemala are as follows: 
     * Western North Carolina Presbytery and Suchitepaquez and the 
Sur-Occidente of the National Evangelical Presbyterian Church (NEPC)  
     * Heartland Presbytery and  Maya-Quiche Presbytery of the NEPC 
     * Peace River Presbytery and Central Presbytery of the NEPC. 
     New partnerships in Africa involve: 
     * Presbytery of Newton and the Presbytery of Nairobi of the 
Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) in Kenya.   
     * John Knox Presbytery, together with the Southwest Association of 
Wisconsin Conference of the United Church of Christ, and Ngong Hills 
Presbytery of the PCEA. 
     * Washington Presbytery and the Kaffa Bethel Presbytery of the 
Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus in Ethiopia. 
     Renewal requests came from Baltimore, Providence, Peaks and Mission 
presbyteries.  The first three presbyteries are relating to Central 
American presbyteries and Mission is tied to the Evangelical Reformed 
Church of Lithuania. 
     Rickabaugh told the Presbyterian News Service that presbytery and 
synod partnerships are not designed to be just another channel for 
resources or projects from the United States to another country, though, he 
says, that sometimes happens. 
     "My hope," he said, "is that they build a relationship, learn from 
each other ... about the country, about the church." 
     He said most partnerships are structured between presbyteries, though 
the synods of Alaska/Northwest and Puerto Rico have partnerships with 
churches in New Zealand and Venezuela, respectively. 
     Citing the two "Year With ..." emphases approved by the denomination, 
Rickabaugh said, currently 20 presbyteries relate to African churches and 
15 are in relationship with presbyteries or ecumenical agencies in Central 

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