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Date 05 May 1996 13:16:52


                     RECONCILIATION COMMITTEE 
                      by Jerry L. Van Marter 
LOUISVILLE, Ky.--Fifty-one commissioners to the upcoming General Assembly 
in Cincinnati have been randomly selected for the Assembly Committee on the 
Report on Reconciliation. 
     The new committee was created June 2 at the request of General 
Assembly moderator the Rev. Robert W. Bohl (see June 16 "News Briefs," 
#95200).  A computer randomly drew names for the new committee from the 
other 17 committees that previously had been created to handle the business 
of this Assembly.  The committee structure still must be approved by the 
Assembly when it convenes in Cincinnati July 15. 
     Bohl appointed elder Richard Malmberg of the Presbytery of Northern 
Kansas as moderator of the committee and the Rev. Kathryn Johnson of Santa 
Barbara as vice-moderator. 
     Bohl asked for the new committee after pronouncing reconciliation 
efforts with the Presbyterian Lay Committee launched by last year's General 
Assembly a failure.  The inability of that Special Committee on 
Reconciliation, chaired by Bohl, to find common ground between 
denominational leaders and the Lay Committee "make it necessary to 
establish a committee with no other responsibility" at this year's 
Assembly, Bohl explained. 
     The members of the Assembly Committee on the Report on Reconciliation 
and their presbyteries: 
     Elder Laverne Alexander, Louisville; Elder Bill Amoss, John Calvin; 
the Rev. James L.  Biller, Donegal; Elder Mike Cheeley, Minnesota Valleys; 
Elder Kurt Christensen, Plains and Peaks; the Rev. John Conley, Grace; the 
Rev. Charles Cureton, Monmouth; the Rev. Achim M. Daffin, 
Charleston-Atlantic; YAD Christopher Dechter, Central Washington; Elder 
David Etzold, Mississippi; the Rev. Donald R. Ewing, Wabash Valley; YAD 
Thomas Feryance, John Knox; TSAD Kathryn Costanzo Fisher, Louisville 
     Also, Elder Christine Fuller, Northumberland; Elder Vivian Hamilton, 
Lake Huron; the Rev.  Steven Hein, North Central Iowa; the Rev. Robert L. 
Hennessee Sr., Pines; Elder Jeri Heycock, Tampa Bay; the Rev. Melinda 
Hinners, Blackhawk; the Rev. James. C. Hotinger, Shenandoah; YAD Christian 
Imboden, Cayuga-Syracuse; YAD Dawn Jacob, Boston; Elder Donna Jeffers, 
Great Rivers; the Rev. Kathryn Johnson, Santa Barbara; Elder John Kaddis, 
Los Ranchos; the Rev. Howard Kang, Midwest Hanmi.  
     And Elder Barbara Kellam-Scott, Palisades; YAD Trisha Leroy, The 
Redwoods; Elder Richard Malmberg, Northern Kansas; Elder Elizabeth 
McKenzie, Lake Michigan; YAD Elizabeth Miles, Sierra Blanca; YAD Morgan 
Morse, Cherokee; Elder Willard Naminga, Pueblo; the Rev.  Karen Nickels, 
Lehigh; the Rev. Hal Oakley, North Alabama; Elder Ethel Palmer, Carlisle; 
YAD Melissa Parker, Middle Tennessee; the Rev. Geoffrey Pfaff, Cimarron; 
the Rev. John W. Pickrell, Boise.  
     And the Rev. Stephen Plunkett, Grace; Elder Marlene Quinn, New Castle; 
the Rev. Fred Rose, Western North Carolina; Elder Jesus R. Sanchez Reyes, 
Tropical Florida; Elder Linda Steele, Nevada; the Rev. Jeffrey A. Sumner, 
Central Florida;   the Rev. Mary Swierenga, National Capital; the Rev. Ted 
Tromble, Wyoming; Elder David Wall, New Brunswick; Elder June Woodall, 
Salem; Elder Quay Youngblood, Charlotte; YAD Glen Zetina, Baltimore. 

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