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March for Jesus in Argentina

Date 06 May 1996 06:10:29

Canon James M. Rosenthal, Director of Communications
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29 September 1995


(ALC - Latin America and Caribbean Communications Agency)  Under the
slogan 'Together for the Gospel,' more than 200,000 Argentine
Protestants will participate in a March on 30 September in more than
100 places in the country, including all provincial capitals and
Buenos Aires.

The second 'March for Jesus' will bring together more than 50,000
Protestants in the city of Buenos Aires alone, according to
individuals from different Protestant denominations organising the
event. In the interior of the country it is estimated that the March
will be held in more than 100 cities and towns.

The March, which has the support of the principal representatives of
Argentine Protestant entities, is billed as a call to all Christians
with the sole objective of exalting Jesus Christ. The only condition
imposed by organisers is that participants attend the March without
placards or distinctive features which identify their denominations.

The happy and festive character seems to be a key component of the
March. Musicians, mime and other artists will participate. In some
places parade cars will be prepared. Literature, T-shirts, videos,
compact disks, cassettes and radio programmes will also be

The March for Jesus was held for the first time in London in 1987,
with 15,000 believers. In the following years the initiative was
replicated in other cities and countries. Last year it was held in
178 countries bringing together 9 million Christians, of whom 4
million marched in Latin America. When it was held for the first
time in Argentina  175,000 believers participated in 55 cities and
three jails, according to organisers.

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