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Advisory Delegates Announced

Date 22 May 1996 15:16:35

16 May 1996 
96174              Advisory Delegates Announced 
                      by Jerry L. Van Marter 
LOUISVILLE, Ky.--The Office of the General Assembly has announced the 
roster of advisory delegates to the 208th General Assembly (1996) in 
Albuquerque, N.M.  There are four categories of advisory delegates: 
ecumenical advisory delegates (4), overseas advisory delegates (8), 
theological student advisory delegates (30) and youth advisory delegates 
     Ecumenical advisory delegates are invited to attend the Assembly at 
the recommendation of the General Assembly Council upon nomination by the 
Advisory Committee on Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations. 
     Overseas advisory delegates are chosen by the Worldwide Ministries 
Division from among Presbyterians who are serving as missionaries in other 
     Theological student advisory delegates come from each of the 11 
theological institutions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the 
Evangelical Seminary in Puerto Rico, with which the Presbyterian Church has 
longstanding ties, and three other theological schools that have averaged 
at least 10 Presbyterian students over the past three years.  The process 
for their election is established by the Committee on Theological Education 
and the students' presbyteries of jurisdiction. 
     Youth advisory delegates are elected by their presbyteries, with half 
of the presbyteries represented each year. 
     The advisory delegates are 
                  Ecumenical Advisory Delegates 
American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A. 
     Hector Gonzalez 
Episcopal Church of Haiti 
     Magalie Hippolyte  
Presbyterian Church in Rwanda 
     Andre Karamaga  
Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar 
     Zacharias Mar Theophilus 
                   Overseas Advisory Delegates 
     Philip Wickeri 
     Michelle Kurtz   
     Sandra Kay Johnson 
     Peter Kemmerle 
     Susan Soldwisch 
Northern Ireland 
     Doug Newton South Africa 
     Doug Tilton 
     Sabrina Ramage 
              Theological Student Advisory Delegates 
  *denotes Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) theological institutions 
Auburn Theological Seminary 
     Eileen Dearborn 
     Valencia B. Norman 
*Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary 
     Gayle Perkins 
     Leon Rathbun 
*Columbia Theological Seminary 
     Gregory Michael Cruice 
     James P. Reinarz 
*University of Dubuque Theological Seminary 
     Timothy R. Bauler 
Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico 
     Margot Fernandez-Nieves 
     Cruz D. Negron-Torres 
Fuller Theological Seminary 
     Pamela Jean King 
     Jean H. Throckmorton 
*Johnson C. Smith Seminary 
     Ernest Jackson  
     Barbara A. Lee 
*Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary 
     George Bendall 
     Robyn Garrison 
*McCormick Theological Seminary 
     Alice Jepson Geils 
     Karen S. Nesmith 
New York Seminary 
     Maria Felix 
     Mark David Hostetter 
*Pittsburgh Theological Seminary 
     Lisa Heckman 
*Presbyterian School of Christian Education 
     Sarah Friday Peters 
     Cynthia A. Ruhl 
*Princeton Theological Seminary 
     Neal Magee 
*San Francisco Theological Seminary 
     Cheryl A. Raine 
*Union Theological Seminary in Virginia 
     Seth Evan Weeldreyer 
     Martha K. Williams   
                     Youth Advisory Delegates 
Abingdon                                San Gabriel 
     Tiffany Bausell                        Tamra Massey 
Alaska                                  San Joaquin 
     Ryan Abel                               Jason Sunderson 
Arkansas                                San Jose 
     Marquita Norman                         John Kim 
Beaver-Butler                           Santa Barbara 
     Dawn Efaw                               Amy Hutchinson 
Central Florida                         Santa Fe 
     Stephanie Boardman                       Leanne Brower 
Central Washington                      Savannah 
     Jon Bickelhaupt                          Elizabeth breitenhirt 
Charlotte                               Sheppards and Lapsley 
     Sundiata Ephraim                         Michael Andrew Acton 
Chicago                                 South Dakota 
     Erin Oliphant                            Emily Helin 
Denver                                  South Louisiana 
     Steve Blackstock                          Amy Bowie 
Detroit                                  St. Andrew 
     Angela Cline                              Katie Arnold 
Donegal                                  Stockton 
     Devon Cockerille                          Lindsey Nicole Mitchell 
East Iowa                                Suroeste 
     Folasade Owolabi                          Irene Martinez-Figueroa 
Elizabeth                                Susquehanna Valley 
     Laura Benkert                             Wynnie Huang 
Florida                                  Tampa Bay 
     Carolyn Fixel                             Carson Ryan 
Foothills                                The Cascades 
     David Milam                               Katherine Pate 
Grand Canyon                             The James 
     Beth Elaine Godfrey                       Carolyn Lovell 
Great Rivers                             The Redwoods 
     Christopher Roland                        Lindsey Clark 
Greater Atlanta                          The Western Reserve 
     Elizabeth Stark                           Lisa Carter 
Holston                                  Transylvania 
     Kim Roller                                Brittain Skinner 
Homestead                                Tres Rios 
     Cory Leavitt                              Tara Toliver 
Hudson River                             Trinity 
     Kathryn S. Breidenbach                    Kathryn Elliot 
Indian Nations                           Upper Ohio Valley 
     Michelle Omari                            Deborah James 
John Calvin                              Utah 
     Rebecca Connor                            Kim Kyremes 
Lake Erie                                Utica 
     Jonathan Williams                         Peter Thorpe 
Lake Michigan                            Wabash Valley 
     Elizabeth Dorr                            Rebecca Page 
Lehigh                                   Washington 
     Ryan Hottenstein                          Sarah Worley 
Los Ranchos                              Western Kentucky 
     Corey T. Griffin                          Sarah Vos 
Miami                                    Western New York 
     Erik D. Webb                              Peter H. Brown 
Middle Tennessee                          Yellowstone 
     Jeff Roper                                 Jacob Harris 
     Kathy Strobach 
Missouri River Valley 
     Greg Mayer 
Missouri Union 
     Amanda Southard 
     Richard E. Abrams 
Muskingum Valley 
     Sharon Wiles 
National Capital 
     Rebecca L. Morrison 
New Castle 
     Erin Gray 
New Covenant 
     Ruth Allen 
New Harmony 
     Hee Young Hwang 
New Hope 
     Amanda R. Greene 
     Hiram J. Ortega-Cruz 
North Central Iowa 
     Stuart Clausen 
North Puget Sound 
     Emily Bain 
Northern Kansas 
     Dan Ewert  
Northern Waters 
     Elizabeth A. Anderson 
Ohio Valley 
     Ben L. Kornell 
     Kate Pitches 
     Rebecca Kirkpatrick 
Plains and Peaks 
     Ryan Hayes 
     Barbara Brennan 
     Marla Masterson 
     Ben Gentry 

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