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Patriarch, Canterbury, Welcomed at Anglican Offices

Date 28 May 1996 05:49:05

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5 December 1995

Ecumenical Patriarch and Archbishop of Canterbury Warmly Welcomed at
Anglican Communion Offices

The Revd Canon John  L. Peterson, Secretary General of  Anglican
Communion, today welcomed  His All-Holiness Bartholomaios I, 
Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome, and Ecumenical Patriarch, to
the Anglican Communion  offices in London.  In welcoming  the
Patriarch, Canon Peterson said: "Your All-Holiness, it is a deep
privilege to welcome you to the Secretariat of  the world-wide
Anglican Communion.  To host this closing meeting between you and
the spiritual leader of our Anglican family is a special occasion
and honour for us all....While this is not the occasion for extended
discussion of particular issues, one of the issues close to our
heart because it is close to yours, is the restoration of your
seminary at Halki.  If this Anglican Communion Office and its world-
wide network can be of any help in your efforts to reopen your
seminary, know that it would be an honour and a privilege for us to
be asked.  As the Archbishop said last evening, we promise you our

During the afternoon His All Holiness and his party took part in 
informal talks with Anglican ecumenical officers, the Archbishop of
Canterbury, the Bishop of London, the Rt Revd Richard Chartres, and
the Bishop of Bethlehem USA, the Rt Revd Mark Dyer. The informal
talks focused on the work of the international dialogue, the
question of the filioque and environmental concerns.  Both the
Ecumenical Patriarch and the Archbishop of Canterbury expressed
their appreciation and confidence in the international
Anglican/Orthodox dialogue and informal talks.  The meeting was
concluded in the Chapel at Partnership House with an exchange of 
Compass Rose (the logo of  the Anglican Communion) gifts and a short 
Evening Prayer service.

The Ecumenical Patriarch is the  leading heirarch of  the Orthodox
Church. He was accompanied on his visit by  Metropolitan Chysostomos
of  Ephesus, Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and Great Britain,
Metropolitan John of Pergamon, Metropolitan Meliton of Philadelphia
and other senior Orthodox church leaders.

His Eminence Metropolitan John of Pergamon is Co-chair of the
Anglican Orthodox Dialogue together with  the Episcopal  Bishop of
Bethlehem USA, the Rt Revd Mark Dyer .

Relations between the Anglican and Orthodox Churches began in the
17th century. More recently official theological dialogue between
the two Communions began in 1920 and continues today. There are also
annual Anglican Orthodox informal talks which survey a wider range
of relationships  and co-operation between Anglican  and Orthodox
throughout the world.

The Ecumenical Patriarch's visit to England was at the invitation of 
the Archbishop  of Canterbury, the Most Revd Dr George Carey. He
arrived in Britain on 2nd December.   On Sunday morning he visited
Orthodox congregations in Kent and attended the Solemn Eucharist in
Canterbury Cathedral.  On Monday he gave the Constantinople Lecture
following Evensong at Westminster Abbey. In the lecture he talked
about the tragedy and "shame" of separation between churches as the
third millennium approaches. He said that the Orthodox community
must first unite.  The Ecumenical Patriarch  has won widespread
recognition for his ecumenical work and commitment.  He has studied
at the World Council of Churches Bossey Institute in Switzerland and
played an important role in the WCC Central Committee.

The Ecumenical Patriarch lives at Phanar in Istanbul, the former
Constantinople.  The Orthodox Church has an ancient history in
Istanbul. Today Christians in Turkey form a tiny minority of the
population - less than one percent.  Recently the Ecumenical
Patriarch has called for the European Union to be expanded to
included Turkey and the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern
Europe.  He believes that Orthodox spirituality could help Europe
find its equilibrium.  Many Christians believe that Turkey's
Christian community would benefit if the country were an a member of
the European Union.

The Archbishop of Canterbury awarded  the Ecumenical Patriarch with 
the Lambeth Cross during his visit to England .  The cross is the
highest honour that an Archbishop of Canterbury can bestow and is
only given to those who have rendered exceptional service to the
cause of Christian unity and especially to strengthening
relationships with the Anglican Communion. During his closing 
speech at the end of the Patriarch's visit Dr Carey said: "As
Christian leaders, we bear great burdens for the sake of the gospel
and a world Christian leaders, those burdens can sometimes be very
great indeed.  When I think of my own overseas visits this year, to
those places in the world where there is trouble and violence - I am
thinking particularly of Rwanda and the Sudan, and my forthcoming
visit to Bosnia -I am convinced that our faith has a major
contribution to make to the propagation of world peace.  I know that
this is a major concern of your own and that it has been admirably
demonstrated in your own visits throughout the world.

"Your All Holiness, I know that following this visit our two
Communions will move forward together both in our theological
dialogue and in our relationship in mission and ministry throughout
the world.  May God bless you and your delegation as you continue
your travels."

The Ecumenical Patriarch thanked the Archbishop of Canterbury and
colleagues for their warm reception.  "We conclude this visit with
a common prayer.  You show us your concern and genuine love, not
avoiding our special problems and we thank you for this. ...Your
joys are our joys and your pains are our pains." The Ecumenical
Patriarch then said he looked forward to seeing the Archbishop of
Canterbury in Turkey.

The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Ecumenical Patriarch signed a
joint communique on the altar of the Chapel at Partnership House to
mark their continuing  commitment to work together for unity and
peace. The two world church leaders gave those assembled at the
service their blessing.

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