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David Flude Dies

Date 19 Jun 1997 17:12:05

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David Flude, mission interpreter,
dies while touring South Africa

                 by United Methodist News Service

     The Rev. David Flude, 60, a widely known preacher, lecturer,
and mission interpreter, died of a heart attack Sunday, June 15,
while on a mission tour of South Africa.
     For many years Flude had suffered from chronic illness
stemming from a mission trip in South America. In 1996 he took
disability leave as a clergy member of the Missouri West Annual
Conference but continued active ministry as president and
executive director for Mission Ministries International.
     A native of Leicester, England, Flude served on the staff of
the Methodist Missionary Society in London and for eight years was
executive secretary for interpretation of the United Methodist
Committee on Relief (UMCOR).
     Before moving to Missouri in 1989, he served as a pastor of 
the Northfield Methodist Church, a multi-racial congregation of
more than 4,000 members, in Benoni, near Johannesburg, South
Africa.   Flude traveled extensively around the world, often
leading tours of church members.  He has spoken at many United
Methodist annual conferences. He wrote many articles for United
Methodist publications and served as executive producer for a
number of UMCOR films and filmstrips, several of which won
national awards. 
     Flude gave time and expertise as a member of the World
Methodist Council, attending meetings in Denver, Dublin, Honolulu,
Nairobi, and Singapore. He served as a consultant and advisor to
several national, international, and ecumenical bodies and
charities. He was a member of the United Methodist Association of
     During his recent trip to South Africa, Flude had been
hospitalized for complications related to a fungus in his lung and
had been advised by his doctors to return home.  However, numerous
friends recall his telling them, "I want to die doing what I
     His body will be cremated. A memorial service will be held
but no date has been set.
     Flude is survived by his wife Shirley and three adult
children: Joanna, Craig, and Jeremy.
                              #  #  #

     NOTE:  This story was written with information provided by
John Stein, Director of Communications for the Missouri West
Annual Conference.


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