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Evangelical Alliance response to Advertising Standards decision

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Date 06 Oct 1998 17:19:20

EMBARGOED: 0001Hrs, 7th October 1998

The Evangelical Alliance UK, representing the collective voice of
more than one million Christians in 30 denominations throughout
the UK, can confirm that Peniel Pentecostal Church, of Brentwood,
Essex, is currently a member of the Alliance. 

Commenting on today's judgement by the Advertising Standards
Authority, Rev Joel Edwards, general director of the Evangelical
Alliance, said: "Many of our members believe that healing and
miracles still occur today and we are satisfied with the
Advertising Standards Authority's judgement concerning the
wording of Peniel's Easter Conference advert.  We share the
concern of the ASA that all claims of healing should be
substantiated by medical evidence and be transparent and
accountable to the wider public.

While claims about resurrection would be extremely unusual, there
are many millions of Christians throughout the world and the UK
who do not discount the possibility of resurrection and take the
Bible as the basis of their belief.  From our point of view, it
is inappropriate and wrong for churches to make such claims
without providing authentication through corroborating medical

we feel it is highly inappropriate for any church or organisation
to draw attention to itself on the basis of any promise that
someone may be resurrected.  Where this occurred within our
membership, it is a matter we would treat very seriously.


For further information, contact:

Gavin Drake,
0171 207 2117 or + 44 171 207 2117

Evangelical Alliance UK,
Whitefield House,
186 Kennington Park Road,
London, SE11  4BT - General - News Releases - latest hot-news

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