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ELCA Funds International 'MAPP' Proposals

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Date 04 Apr 2000 15:33:35


April 4, 2000


     CHICAGO (ELCA)-- The Office of the Bishop of the Evangelical
Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) approved four international ministry
projects totaling $245,000 intended to provide direct assistance to
people living in poverty.  The projects are part of the ELCA's emphasis
on Ministries Among People in Poverty (MAPP).  The approvals were
reported to the board of ELCA Division for Global Mission during its
meeting here March 16-19.
     The projects address needs of different churches and needs of
companion Lutheran churches, said Belletech Deressa, director for
international development and disaster response, ELCA Division for
Global Mission.  The four approved projects include funds for the
Washington Office on Africa; AIDS prevention and control in Ethiopia;
support for amputees in Sierra Leone, and funds for a resource center in
     In 1999, the ELCA Church Council established a $3 million fund for
MAPP projects.  The money was allocated from surplus funds.  The Rev. H.
George Anderson, ELCA presiding bishop, set up four work groups to
administer the funds.  One group was established to fund international
causes, and $900,000 was designated.
     Proposals for several other projects are being reviewed.  The four
approved projects and their funding levels are:
     + Washington Office on Africa ($10,000). The office is an
ecumenical agency that raises awareness in the United States of issues
faced by Africans, and it develops strategies on behalf of Africans.
Current emphases include advocacy for economic justice such as debt
relief, assistance for AIDS education and support for children who are
orphans as a result of AIDS.
     + AIDS prevention and control, Ethiopia ($75,000).  Ethiopia is
one of 21 African countries with the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in
the world.  The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus is committed
to a plan to engage its 3 million members in an HIV/AIDS prevention and
control program.  The program will include training for educators, who
will train other church and community leaders.  The ELCA's gift will
enable financing for the first year of the program.
     + Sierra Leone Amputee Project ($100,000).  The program is
intended to benefit amputee victims of the civil war who cannot care for
themselves or who need to learn a trade.  It provides spiritual healing,
psychological counseling and reintegration of amputees into the
     + Contact and Resource Center, Lebanon ($60,000).  The center,
developed in 1977, is dedicated to enhancing the future for people with
physical disabilities in Lebanon through programs that ensure the social
and financial independence of people with disabilities and their social
integration.  The ELCA has worked with the center since its inception.

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