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Women of the ELCA Contribute Gift for ELCA Ministries

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Date 07 Apr 2000 11:48:38


April 7, 2000


     CHICAGO (ELCA) -- Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in
America (ELCA) gave a $514,607 gift to the ELCA for its ministries
around the world in 1999.  Among other actions, the amount of the gift
was announced at the Women of the ELCA executive board meeting here
March 16-19.
     "Women of the ELCA continues to support the ministry of the ELCA
through gifts  for designated ministries, as well as for unrestricted
support.  Gifts have averaged more than $1 million per year since 1988.
The gift for fiscal year 1999 is smaller in amount than in previous
years, but our partnership with the church is no less than it has been
before," said Catherine I.H. Braasch, executive director for the women's
     "As we embark on a new century and reposition Women of the ELCA to
continue vibrant ministry in the future, we have much to build on in the
form of legacy of sisters in Christ and strong ministries over the
decades preceeding," Braasch said.  In addition to cash gifts, Women of
the ELCA supports the production of women's ministry programs for the
ELCA, she said.
     Women of the ELCA budgets a financial gift to the ELCA every year.
The 1999 gift includes $258,865 to the ELCA budget and $189,715 to the
ELCA World Hunger Appeal.
     In other business, the executive board moved to engage in a
"three-year cycle" of consultations on mission, ministry and funding
support with its 64 synodical women's organizations.
     The consultations are meant to strengthen "good stewardship, which
can be thought of as a combination of good faith, good works and good
business," Braasch said in her report to the board.
     The consultations will involve Women of the ELCA's executive
board, staff of Women of the ELCA and synodical leaders.  The proposed
consultations would involve annual meetings that "cover mission
direction and ministry needs and opportunities" and provide a forum for
discussions on financial support for Women of the ELCA ministries,
according to the board action.
     "Women of the ELCA participants have not necessarily benefitted
across the board from the continuing expansion of the United States
economy.  Women of the ELCA participants include those affected by the
weak agricultural economy, those who are recovering from major natural
disasters over the last several years, and elderly women on limited
and/or fixed incomes," Braasch told the board.
     The consultations will begin in 2001.  They are designed to affirm
relationships between the Women of the ELCA churchwide ministry and
synodical women's organizations, and to discuss financial support and
opportunities for the near future.
     Women of the ELCA will host its Fifth Triennial Convention in July
2003 in Philadelphia under the theme "Listen, God is Calling."   The
executive board and triennial convention conduct the business of the
organization.  Women of the ELCA is active in 7,832 congregations in 64
of the 65 ELCA synods.

For information contact:
John Brooks, Director (773) 380-2958 or NEWS@ELCA.ORG

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