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Adventists Survive Plane Crash on Micronesian Island

Date 08 Apr 2000 02:11:07

April 8, 2000
Adventist Press Service (APD)
Christian B. Schaeffler, Editor-in-chief
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Adventists Survive Plane Crash on Micronesian 

Agana Heights, Guam.    Three Seventh-day 
Adventist leaders were aboard a Boeing 727 
aircraft carrying 96 passengers from Guam to the 
island of Yap that crashed on April 2 when its 
landing gear failed. Continental Micronesia Flight 
951 touched down normally, but then it collapsed 
onto the pavement, skidding down the runway, say 

"We thank God for His care and protection and for 
His work and His workers," said Willy Nobuo, 
president of the Adventist Church in the Guam-
Micronesia Mission, and a passenger on the plane. 
Guam-Micronesia Mission secretary Remenster Jano 
and youth department director Endamo Otong were 
also on board.
The crash resulted in no deaths, and reported 
injuries were minor, says Wilbur Claus, 
spokesperson for the Adventist Church in the 
region. [Reporter: Wilbur Claus]

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