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PDA Sends $25,000 to Church in Waterlogged Madagascar

Date 20 Apr 2000 07:55:16

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	PDA Sends $25,000 to Church in Waterlogged Madagascar

	Money will be used to rebuild storm-ravaged lives

	by Evan Silverstein

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) has given $25,000
to a church in Madagascar to help disaster survivors return to normal life
in the flood-weary nation.

	More than a month of flooding, largely from a tropical storm and two
cyclones, displaced thousands of people and killed more than 200 on the
large island off the east coast of Mozambique, according to PDA and
government estimates. At least $150 million has been pledged by Western
donors toward reconstruction of the two countries, which were both ravaged
by the storms.

	The Church of Jesus Christ of Madagascar (FJKM), which receives the money
from the One Great Hour of Sharing offering, has taken an active role, with
"a goal of restoring families and communities to pre-disaster levels of
existence and helping them return to a normal lifestyle," PDA said in an
April 17 announcement of the contribution.

	 FJKM is working with Action by Churches Together (ACT) in issuing "housing
rehabilitation kits" and teaching disaster-assessment techniques.

	The bulk of damage in the Indian Ocean island nation resulted mainly from
the double blow of Cyclone Eline in mid-February and tropical storm Gloria
two weeks later, causing devastating floods and mudslides. The floods also
worsened a cholera epidemic that has killed more than 1,350 people in the
last year.

	Earlier this month, Cyclone Hudah leveled almost all buildings in the
northeastern Madagascar city of Antalaha. Although the fast-moving storm did
not bring extremely heavy rains, it soaked a region that had not dried out
from the two previous storms. The twister then headed for Mozambique, where
it caused severe damage. PDA has sent at least $100,000 in emergency aid to

	Madagascar officials estimate that between 20 percent and 50 percent of the
current rice crop has been lost. "Farm-to-market" roads also have been
damaged, raising the possibility of food shortages.

	FJKM will use the PDA funds to:

	* Provide rice and maize seeds to about 25,000 affected farmers.

	* Provide basic resettlement kits -- consisting of two blankets, one large
mosquito net, four bars of soap and six liters of anti-cholera water
treatment kits -- to 3,000 families.

	* Provide housing-rehabilitation kits -- each containing two kilos of nails
and two bags of cement -- to 3,000 families.

	* Help develop disaster-assessment techniques, prevention and mitigation
strategies, and training for community leaders and developers.

	* Launch Food For Work (FFW) programs for a two-month period to
rehabilitateschools and medical clinics and construct 20 granaries to
promote food security in the affected regions. FFW participants (one person
per family) will be given 50 kilos of rice per 15 days of community work per

	The PC(USA) has established an account for contributions to the Madagascar
relief effort. Donations can be sent through normal giving channels, or
directly to Central Receiving Service, Section 300, 100 Witherspoon Street,
Louisville, KY 40289. Please use the following account number: account

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