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Delegates will consider beyond-the-budget proposals

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Date 27 Apr 2000 09:34:52

April 27, 2000  News media contact: Joretta Purdue *(202)
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By United Methodist News Service

Various study groups, task forces and agencies of the United Methodist
Church have developed 15 proposals for ministries during the coming four
years that, if passed, would need funding beyond the $526 million budget
that the denomination will consider in May.

Delegates to the denomination's top legislative body, the General
Conference, must adopt a budget for the 2001-2004 quadrennium when they meet
May 2-12 in Cleveland. General Conference is convened every four years.

The 15 proposals range from continuation of existing ministries to plans for
addressing newly identified needs. An April 11 consultation sponsored by the
United Methodist General Council on Ministries brought 31 representatives of
these proposals to Cincinnati to share information about their program

The group agreed on three premises:

	1.	These proposals are important for the life and ministry of
the church. "They represent local church, annual conference and churchwide
ministries to specific constituencies with particular ministry needs and
contributions to make to the fulfillment of the church's witness to the
	2.	The experience of the past several quadrennia with proposals
similar to these, arising out of special needs for ministry, represents a
new way for the church to be in ministry. "Traditional ways are not the only
way to respond to obvious needs."
	3.	"Rather than seeing these proposals as competitive with one
another, each one is vital and legitimate for the church's involvement and
must go forward in order to be faithful to the Gospel."

The 15 ministries have been assured by the church's financial administration
agency that approval by General Conference delegates would result in funding
being integrated into the budget-building process, in which General
Conference delegates have the final word. The ministries seeking funding

	*	Asian American Language Ministry;
	*	Communities of Shalom;
	*	Igniting Ministries;
	*	Korean American Ministries;
	*	National Committee on Deaf Ministries;
	*	National Plan for Hispanic Ministries;
	*	National United Methodist Native American Center;
	*	Native American Comprehensive Plan;
	*	Older Adult Ministries;
	*	Research Plan for the United Methodist Church;
	*	Restorative Justice Ministries;
	*	Shared Mission Focus on Young People;
	*	Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century;
	*	Substance Abuse and Related Violence; and 
	*	Theological Education in Eastern Europe.

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