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Taiwan Removing Bias from the Impression of Foreign Brides

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Date Tue, 04 Dec 2001 11:08:52 -0800

Taiwan Church News 2596   December 2, 2001
Reported By Chiou Kai-li,  Written by David Alexander

Foreign brides have become the newest weak social
group in Taiwan's social mix.  Registered and legal
foreign brides total 100,000, and estimates of illegal
entries push the total much higher.  Of that number,
30,000 are from Vietnam alone.  Coming to live in Taiwan
they suffer language and social isolation and meet many
problems.  Often their human rights are violated and
they have no idea of where to turn for help.
The Kaohsiung City Government contracted the
Kaohsiung Christian Family Counseling Center, and
agency of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) to run
a series of seminars for foreign brides and those who
care about them.  The first seminar was held on November 24th in the
Chi-chin borough where many dwell.  A repeat is scheduled for December
9th in another neighborhood.
The seminar invited the overseas brides as guests,
and included presentations by various city departments
and bureaus offering the kinds of social services
needed.  These included Social Affairs, Grassroots
Administration, Labor, Health, and the Foreign Affairs
Police.  Aspects of employment, social adjustment,
children's health and legal registration were covered.
Center Director Feng Si-ho said, "The impression of
foreign brides is difficult.  They come here and face
different family structures, estrangement from their
original homes and from their new residence, odd customs
and different ideas of how to raise children.  Mostly
they find themselves isolated and out of touch with
social help.  When they encounter problems, they have
nowhere to turn.  Marriages become strained.  I appeal
for a new and unbiased look at these women, and a
dropping of the labels that have been 'pasted upon them'
by our society.  All of us need acceptance."
The Center plans to continue with various projects
aimed at serving this powerless group in the local
society, developing targeted services in the areas of
domestic abuse and cooperative services with the

For more information:
Kaohsiung Christian Family Counseling Center
Phone +886 7 281 0303

FAX:  +886 7 241 5545 

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