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Taiwan "Exodus Center" Holds Seminar on Homosexuality

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Date Tue, 04 Dec 2001 11:11:12 -0800

Taiwan Church News 2596  December 2, 2001
Reported by Lee Yi-shin, Written by David Alexander

Statistics indicate that six percent of Taiwan's
population are homosexuals.  This social cohort has a
tendency to expand swiftly.  But the group is closed off
from the general population, experiencing rejection or
the inability of the population at large to know how to
respond.  The Exodus counseling consultation center
held a seminar on November 23rd entitled, "Join hands
with the Rainbow Tribe."
      Through presentations and panel discussion it hoped
to help people to a basic understanding of the homosexual
subculture of Taiwan.
There were eight presentations, including: The
Basics of Homosexuality; Challenge and Exit;
Counseling; Media Images; and Social, Psychological and
Medical Aspects.  All were designed to advance
understandings in general and specifically to see
inherent deficiencies.
Pastor Li Chin-ni, the director of Exodus, said,
"Homosexuals have a confused gender identification.  In
society they get neither support nor respect.
Statistics show that 78% of homosexuals on Taiwan are
unhappy with their lot.  We hold this activity in the
hope that many people, through increased understanding,
can become increasingly willing to help these unhappy
people, bringing them to God, and imploring God to help

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