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Adventist News Network: Romanian Churches Pledge to Fight

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Date Thu, 7 Feb 2002 09:56:48 -0500

> Adventist News Network
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> February 5, 2002
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> Romanian Churches Pledge to Fight Family Violence
> Constanta, Romania .... [Martin Haase/EANN/ANN]
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> Representatives from eight Romanian religious groups have signed a
> historic pledge to combine their efforts in the fight against rising rates
> of abuse within families. The leaders met January 24 at a summit held in
> the city of Constanta. The event was organized by the Seventh-day
> Adventist Church, together with the local Adventist Radio Network's "Voice
> of Hope."
> Organizers say the meeting was intended to raise awareness of the issue
> and foster cooperation within the country's faith community in combating
> family violence.
> Among those attending the meeting were representatives from the Orthodox
> Church, Roman Catholic Church, Armenian Church, and the Baptist Church,
> along with Pentecostal, Evangelical, and Muslim leaders. According to
> organizers, the event marks the first time leaders from these groups have
> met at a seminar conducted by the Adventist Church.
> Adrian Bocaneanu, president of the Adventist Church in Romania, was one of
> the main speakers at the conference, presenting some of the Church's
> resources on the issue of abuse within families. Roland Paraschiv, local
> "Voice of Hope" director, spoke on the dynamics of abuse, and why
> religious communities are not immune to the problem.
> Each religious group represented at the summit presented its official
> position on abuse within families and suggested practical ways to combat
> this social scourge. At the conclusion of the meeting, representatives
> from all eight religious groups adopted a common declaration intended to
> send a strong message that faith and abuse are incompatible.
> Paraschiv, who coordinated a press conference for the event, reports that
> there was significant media interest in the summit, with a number of
> television stations and newspapers running news reports, commentaries, and
> interviews.
> Romania's 100,000 Adventist believers have become well known for their
> community initiatives and outreach activities in a broad range of areas
> including religious liberty and social welfare projects.
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