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Taiwan Presbyterians Promote Earth Charter on June 2

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Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 18:22:43 -0700

Taiwan Church News 2622, June 2, 2002
Reported by Li Yi-ying, Translated and Rewritten by David

    In recent years the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) has
observed the first Sunday in June as "Environmental Awareness
Sunday".  This
year the church's General Assembly is asking congregations to
support of the Earth Charter, a document that calls for respect
of life,
protection of biological diversity, social justice, democracy,
non-violence and
stewardship of the environment.
    On June 2nd the environmental concern association will promote
charter. It calls for understanding, mercy and love regarding the
of life on earth in the hope that these attitudes will lead to
The charter itself calls for protection of animal and plant
diversity in nature,
and especially for defense of the earth.
    The Rev. Mr. Lim Chong-cheng, chairman of the PCT's Church and
Committee, says that lack of water, as North Taiwan is currently
is an environmental problem, but it is one which begins in the
greed of the
human heart.  He adds that change begins in the heart of the
individual and
works outwards from there.  The change of the relationship
between human
beings and the environment at large is a solemn process.
Sunday is a chance to encourage Christians to see themselves as
stewards of
God's creation.

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