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For Immediate Release:
May 30, 2002
Contact: Nikki Stephanopoulos

                           COLLEGE OF THESSALONIKI

New York, NY ? The Alpha Omega Council of Boston bestowed upon His Eminence
Archbishop  Demetrios its Lifetime Achievement Award on May 18, at its 22nd
annual awards banquet held at the John F. Kennedy Library.

The  Alpha-Omega  Council  was  founded  in1976  by  the  late Peter Agris,
publisher  of  the  Hellenic  Chronicle  of  Boston.  Each  year  since its
founding,  The Alpha Omega Council has selected a Hellene or philhellene of
international,  national  or  regional  prominence  who has exemplified the
ideals  of  the  organization  through his or her own selfless efforts. The
Council  membership  is comprised of distinguished Greek-Americans from all
sectors  of society, including business, academia, education, medicine, law
and  politics.  Its  mission  includes  the  cultivation  and  promotion of
patriotic   sentiments  and  the  ideals  of  Hellenism,  as  well  as  the
continuation of positive Greek-American relations.

Council  Vice-President John Panagako, chaired the dinner and co-hosted the
evening  with George Behrakis, who also served as master of ceremonies, and
Gregory  Filias,  President  of  the  Council.  Greetings  and remarks were
offered  by  Mr.  Richard  Jackson,  President  of  the American College of
Thessaloniki,   Rev.  Fr.  Nicholas  Triantafilou,  President  of  Hellenic
College/  Holy  Cross  Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Consul General of
Greece  in  Boston George Chatzimichelakis, Mrs. Eve Condakes, President of
the  National  Philoptochos  and  Mr.  Francois  Bovon,  Professor  of  New
Testament of the Harvard Divinity School.

The  speakers  expressed their own appreciation to His Eminence and praised
his   untiring  efforts  in  bringing  a  strong  sense  of  community  and
spirituality   to   the   Greek   Orthodox   faithful   in  America.  "Most
particularly",  said  President  Filias,  Archbishop  Demetrios,  with  his
spiritual  presence  and  involvement  in the blessing and healing of those
victimized by the September 11th tragedy, has made our Church a significant
and guiding light the world over".

"Open  up  your  hearts  and  extend  your  hand  to  people  of all creeds
throughout  the  world.  Urge the ones that have been generously blessed to
become  helpers  of  our undeservedly suffering fellow human beings, living
thus  the teachings of the Church?Seek peace and justice, while recognizing
that  the  future depends on the ability of people to live with one another
in harmony", writes the philhellene, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who was not
able  to  attend the event, in his letter to the Archbishop on the occasion
of  this  award.  He  concludes, "It is very appropriate that this event is
taking  place  in the Library of President Kennedy. My brother used to like
the  Greek  definition  of  happiness  as ? 'the total utilization of one's
abilities  imbued  with  virtue'  ?  and  I  congratulate  you  because you
experience this reality daily."

Similar  congratulatory  letters  were sent by Senators John Kerry and Paul
Sarbanes, and Mrs. Elenie Huszagh, President of the National Council of the
Churches of Christ in the USA. The Governor of Massachusetts, the Honorable
Jane  Swift,  along  with the State House of Representatives and the Senate
sent congratulatory resolutions and letters of recognition and appreciation
to Archbishop Demetrios.


The American College of Thessaloniki awarded the Doctorate Degree in Humane
Letters  to  Archbishop Demetrios at a special event on May 23rd aboard the
Forbes family yacht, The Highlander, in New York.

The  Board  of  Trustees  of the College, which is headquartered in Boston,
bestowed  this  honorary  degree  upon  His  Eminence  in their endeavor to
recognize  individuals  who  have  contributed  significantly  to  the long
lasting  friendship  and cooperation between the Greek and American people,
who  have  demonstrated by their way of life their dedication to the ideals
of  letters,  fine  arts, and education in general, as these are defined by
the  goals  and  mission  of  the  College.  The award recipients must have
devoted  their personal career to the studying and promoting of one or more
branches  of  Greek  Studies  and  have  been proven to be dedicated to the
general  good, a dedication which is analogous to the ideals that are being
taught to the students of the American College of Thessaloniki.

Mr.  Wallace  F.  Forbes  addressed His Eminence and Mr. George S. Bissell,
President  of  the Board of Trustees, and Mr. Richard L. Jackson, President
of  the  American  College  of  Thessaloniki, awarded him with the doctoral
degree.  Mr.  Jackson, in his presentation of his Eminence, spoke about the
work  and  service of His Eminence and emphasized that Archbishop Demetrios
"  ?constitutes  the  personification  of  all  selection  criteria  in the
superlative  degree,  not  only  in his career but in his everyday life and
spirituality as well."


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