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Worldwide Faith News Seeks Comments and Suggestions from Users

From Worldwide Faith News <>
Date Sat, 08 Jun 2002 17:20:09 -0700

This a request for help from those who use Worldwide Faith News.  This
is our second such request in seven years.

The Worldwide Faith News Advisory Group is seeking comments and
suggestions from users of the WFN data base of news releases ,
and from subscribers to the WFN-NEWS religion news wire.

The Advisory Group is composed of communication executives
(by various titles) from the WFN participating faith groups.  A listing
of the Advisory Group is on the web site at:

Worldwide Faith News is now in the seventh year of operation.
Testing was done during the Fall of 1995 and the site officially
opened on December 24th that year. More than 20,000 official
news releases from faith groups around the world have been
placed in the searchable data base and a growing number
of faith groups and organizations are joining in the WFN project.

We invite your responses.  If you wish them kept private, please tell us so.

 From time to time the participating and funding organizations ask about
user comments and we would like to share responses on that very limited basis.
WFN does not do advertising and comments will not be used in public.

WFN does not share email addresses with any other organization.

If you have general comments you wish to share with us, please send them to:


You can help us improve WFN by clipping and returning the questionnaire
below.  Send it to:

------ WFN User Survey ----------

1. How often do you look at the WFN database?

2. How do you use the releases posted on WFN?
     Publication of important items?
     News summary for publication?
     Background information?
     For column/report  that you write?
     Research on topic of current interest?
     Other (please specify)

3. Why is WFN important to you?

4. Are you a . . .
     Reporter-writer for daily paper?        Chain?
     Reporter-writer for weekly paper?
     Reporter-writer for radio station?      Network?
     Reporter-writer for TV station?         Network?
     Reporter-writer for news service?
     Reporter-writer for religious media?
     Faith group executive or leader?
     Teacher or professor?
     Other (please specify)

5. How can WFN be of more help to you?

6. What problems do you encounter using WFN?

We'd appreciate your name and identification.

May WFN quote you?
     You may quote me.
     Please keep my response private.

Would you like a response from WFN?
     Yes -
     No -

  ----- end of user survey ----

Thank you!

George Conklin
World Wide Faith News, Project Director
(510) 841-7867  (Berkeley, California)

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