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Mideast children's peace group to attend Episcopal Camp Allen in Texas

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Date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 15:58:08 -0700

ACNS 3015 - ENS - 7 June 2002

Mideast children's peace group to attend Camp Allen

by Carol E Barnwell

[ENS] In the midst of Mideast violence and uncertainty, a remarkable
initiative for children is cause for hope and encouragement. This summer,
Camp Allen, in the Diocese of Texas, will host 12 Palestinian and Israeli
children, ages 11-12, for a summer camp session as part of a unique
"education for peace" opportunity.

With St George's College and Cathedral in Jerusalem, a group of Israelis and
Palestinians committed to peace and co-existence in their war-torn area have
launched "Kids4Peace." The Jewish, Christian and Muslim group believes that
their children hold the key to a better future and that education leads to

The trip for the children and their sponsors was made possible by an
anonymous donor in the Diocese of Texas. "This is one more example of how a
vision to reach out opens possibilities beyond our imagination," said the Rt
Revd Claude E Payne, Bishop of Texas and president of the Americans of the
Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem.

The children and their sponsors will be an essential link to connect the
weeklong summer camp adventure to the challenging realities of their life at
home. It is hoped that the experience of tolerance and respect the children
gain can invite adults into a more peace-filled coexistence as well.

Camp Allen President George Dehan said, "Even the early planning of this
visit has been complicated. Calling an airline and getting a passport is
relatively easy for us, but it is a major problem to do the same thing from

Activities that are fun, provide spiritual enrichment and allow the children
to socialise and explore at Camp Allen will be a giant leap in every aspect
from their current living conditions, Mr Dehan said. Even though these are
special visitors he emphasised that they will have the same camping
experience that has been a tradition at Camp Allen for 81 years.

Follow-up projects and future "education for peace" initiatives are planned.

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