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East meets West in NJ commissioner's church

Date 17 Jun 2002 11:43:42 -0400

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East meets West in NJ commissioner's church

by Midge Mack

COLUMBUS, OH - Cedric Barrow, elder and treasurer of Elmwood United Presbyterian Church of East Orange, NJ, points out that the most important part of his congregation's ministry takes place in West Orange.

"It's like one church in two locations," he says, "but it looks like it will grow into another church, in time."

Elmwood is a large church, with nearly 1,000 members. "We're keen on discipleship," he says, "and our (annual) budget is over a million dollars." 

The church's numerous musicians have divided themselves into several choirs, the newest of which is a teen-age group that calls itself "G-FY-G," which Barrow says stands for "Glorify God." The group's activities, apart from music, include drama, liturgical dance and Bible study. 

"These are kids who came on their own, and now many of them have brought their parents into the church, too," he says.

The youth program over in West Orange is similar, Barrow says: "There is worship at both locations, but in East Orange we have three services."  

Barrow and his wife were born in Guyana and educated in Great Britain. After a number of  years in Guyana, they came to the United States in 1964. Barrow worked for the Chase Manhattan Bank before he devoted himself to ministry. He recently served as moderator of his presbytery's committee on church and culture, and has been active in the National Council of Presbyterian Men.

During the Assembly he will work with the standing committee on budget and mission coordination. "They're making the best use of my talents," he says, referring to his background in banking. 
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