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Mariners hear Syngman Rhee's adventure story

Date 19 Jun 2002 12:39:47 -0400

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Mariners hear Syngman Rhee's adventure story

by Nancy Rodman

COLUMBUS, OH - The title of former moderator Syngman Rhee's June 18 address to the Presbyterian Mariners - "I Love to Tell the Story" - won't strain the credulity of anyone who's ever heard it.

"We must love what we do, and do what we love," Rhee said during a General Assembly-related luncheon sponsored by the Mariners organization, an organization for Presbyterian couples. "Once we're touched by the grace of God and love of Christ, then we must respond - we must tell the story. Storytelling must come out of one's being - not just the intellect, but from the heart."

Rhee has a great story to tell - of his flight as a youth from North Korea; his long separation from his family and uncertainty about their fate; time spent in refugee camps; emigration to the United States; college and seminary; and his 1978 reunion with his long-lost sisters in North Korea.

He said he tells his story to show the power of persistent prayer and the importance of commitment to reconciliation in the world.

"The commitment to share the Gospel, to tell the story, is a continuing one," he said.

He told his audience that the terror attacks of last Sept. 11 have taught us in the United States that we cannot take life for granted. "We must take full responsibility for this life that has been granted to us," he said. "This is the time to renew the experience of God's grace, to recharge. We must go back to the basics of nurturing the roots of faith."
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