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Disciple Women Recognized for Service and Leadership

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Date: June 14, 2002
Disciples News Service
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
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INDIANAPOLIS, June 14, 2002 -- As part of the 2002
Quadrennial Assembly for Women, 32 women have been
recognized for service, leadership and mission. Through
history women have been instrumental in the implementation
of God's plan for God's people. Women like Deborah, a
revered and compassionate judge. Women like Esther, who was
willing to risk everything in God's name. Women like
Elizabeth, a kind and joyful
mentor and friend willing to reach out to those in need.
Women like Dorcas, a loving widow who gave of herself to
help the widowed, poor and homeless.  

D.E.E.D   Deborah, Esther, Elizabeth and Dorcas honors
women, like these
foremothers, who have used their spiritual gifts and
talents to serve.

Honorees for 2002 --

Abigail -- women who quickly take action in the work of the
church, serve as
mediators or peacekeepers. Honoree -- Marian Bryant.

Deborah -- women who through their wisdom bring God's
justice and love into the world. Honorees -- Carol L.
Ehlmann, Marilee Hattendorf, Janene Ishee, JoAnne Kagiwada,
and Kathy Wilson.

Dorcas -- women who show God's compassionate love by
reaching out to those in need. Honorees -- Lorraine
Gillison, Itoko Maeda, Bernie Perdue and Lois Shank.

Elizabeth -- women who through loving friendship brings
others into the family of God. Honorees -- Barbara
Brownmiller, Emily Guentert and Marylinda McCollister.

Esther -- women who through their faith in Jesus Christ
risk everything for the
sake of others. Honoree -- Maureen Sashihara Osuga.

Lydia -- women who inspire others by exemplifying Christian
values and lifestyle in the workplace.  Honoree -- Lora

Miriam -- women who use the gift of song to bring others to
the freedom found by faith and confidence in God. Honorees
-- Betty Boles and Nelda Simpson.

Phoebe -- women who in their official capacity as church
leaders, work tirelessly in their congregation and/or
community to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ. Honorees
-- Rosemary Evans Alland, Darlene Bowman, Pam
Ditson-McCall, Brenda Etheridge, Janet Hellner-Burris and
Esther Zeff.

Priscilla -- women who offer steady leadership in the
congregation which helps sustain a community of believers.
Honorees -- Catherine Broadus, Sara McLain Carter, Carole
Enwright, Georgia Meece and JoAnn Crose Seamans.

Ruth -- women who exemplify Christian love, loyalty and
faith in their ecumenical work. Honorees -- Mildred Barnes,
Sandra Hergenreder, Lynne Hood and Louise B. Oliver.

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