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"Mary Christmas" from Taiwan

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Date Fri, 06 Dec 2002 13:39:41 +0800

Taiwan Church Press Wishes all a  "MARY Christmas
Taiwan Church News 2649, December 8, 2002
Reported by Chiou Kai-li. Translated and rewritten by David

   Every week the Taiwan Church Press prints and distributes 60
thousand copies of Keng-sim (Cultivate Hearts), a publication
designed to be given to church members along with their Sunday
Worship bulletins.  Keng-sim contains testimonies and other short
articles intended to cultivate the hearts of all who read it.
For Christmas, 130 thousand copies of a special edition have been
prepared.  They wish all readers a "Mary Christmas ."
   The contents begin with a reproduction of the painting
"Annunciation" by English artist Thomas Copper Gotch.  They
continue with articles, poems and prayers that look at the
holiday from a particularly "Marian" point of view.  Emphasis is
laid on the humility and service of Mary in the Christmas story,
and her willingness to submit to the will of God.  Readers are
encouraged to serve like Mary, seeing those in their own
surroundings who need  their God-derived love and concern.
   Keng-sim editor, Lu Li-li says, "This year we have moved the
emphasis from the manger, the baby and the shepherds where our
traditional focus lay.	The angel and Mary form our starting
point and our background.  From this place we speak to Taiwan's
people of Jesus' birth and the good news of the gospel.
   Ms Lu encourages Christians not to hold on to the special
edition, but to share it with neighbors who do not yet believe in
Christ.  "Put these copies into the hands of 130 thousand people,
and see what the result will be!"
   The additional production cost for the special edition ran to
600,000 Taiwan Yuan. (17,140 Euros).  Contributions to defray
this cost or requests for copies of the publication, can be
directed to the Taiwan Church Press, Keng-sim office. In Taiwan
call (06) 235 6277 ext. 168.

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