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[PCUSANEWS] Family Conferences Return to Montreat

Date 17 Dec 2002 16:19:40 -0500

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Family Conferences Return to Montreat
December 16, 2002

Family Conferences Return to Montreat

by Emily Enders Odom
Montreat Conference Center

MONTREAT, NC - Montreat Conference Center has realigned its family ministries
program with several new conferences for 2003 designed to address the
family's changing needs and faces.

Sponsored by the Montreat Conference Center and the Office for Family and
Single Adult Ministries in the Congregational Ministries Division, the second
annual "Gathering of Presbyterian Adoptive Families" will be held in
Montreat, July 1-5, 2003.

Among adoptive families, there is no single predominant image or trend. 
Today's adoptive families are international and domestic, one and two parent
led.  They may be comprised of adopted children and biological children, who
are multi-ethnic, multi-racial, or of single ethnicities.  The aim of this
second Montreat gathering, which the conference center envisions as an annual
event, will be to examine adoptive issues within the context of "being church
and being Reformed," as well as allow for celebration, connection and
networking among Presbyterian adoptive families.  

The Montreat "Clergy Couples Conference," a new entry in the 2003 schedule,
will explore and address the challenges unique to couples in which both
spouses are employed in professional Christian vocations.  This first-known
event specifically for Presbyterian clergy couples is co-sponsored with Union
Theological Seminary/Presbyterian School of Christian Education.  The
conference, to be held July 2-5, 2003, will feature an exciting mix of those
who have blazed the trails with years of experience, as well as those who are
shaping new adventures as the latest generation of clergy couples.  

"Presbyterian Families," the group formerly known as Presbyterian Mariners,
will be introducing its new name at its first-ever Montreat conference, also
scheduled for July 2-5, 2003.  The event will be designed and planned by the
75-year old organization. 

For more information on family or other conferences at Montreat, contact the
Montreat Central office at (800) 572-2257, extension 371, or by e-mail at

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