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ACNS3251 First colour-in Communion book launched

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Date Thu, 9 Jan 2003 17:28:03 -0000

ACNS 3251     |     SCOTLAND	 |     9 JANUARY 2003 

First colour-in Communion book launched

On 9th January the Scottish Episcopal Church launches the country's first
colour-in communion book, to let children scribble and scrawl their way
through a service.

The groundbreaking "My Holy Communion Book" has been specially designed for
the hundreds of youngsters worshipping at 'Pisky' churches across Scotland.

It takes children through the words of a normal Sunday morning service, and
illustrates key moments in the ceremony with bright, multi-coloured

Children can colour in pictures through the book and take part in the
service by writing in special notes after prayers and communion.

The Scottish Episcopal Church commissioned the book after Leith minister the
Rev Steve Butler was impressed by other work by publisher Redemptorist

He has already started using the books in his services. "As soon as we
started using the books, I knew they were working because the noise levels
dropped right down," he said. The children were all busy writing and

"They run for the books now at the start of a service. They really engage
with the service. The books become theirs because they have written and
drawn in them."

During the sermon, the book advises young worshippers to listen closely if
the preacher is talking specifically to the children.

But if the sermon is aimed at the adults, it gives a list of other things to
do, including drawing a picture of that day's Bible story on a blank page

Each page is printed on special wipeable paper, to let young artists erase
their work and start again fresh every Sunday.

After the congregation sings the Gloria - "Glory to God in the highest, and
peace to his people on earth" - children are invited to "draw or write
something I have seen or heard this week that makes me want to praise and
thank God".

During the regular prayers, young readers are asked to "Write down the names
of people who need your prayers. If you can help them during the week write
down what you can do for them".

While everyone queues up for communion, the book suggests that youngsters
"draw a picture of people in the church and ask Jesus to bless them".

"People often say that church is boring for children," said Rosemary
Gallagher, editorial director at UK-based Redemptorist Publications, which
produced My Holy Communion Book.

"We thought there was a need for something that related to children and
looked like the sort of books that they were used to," she added.

"The whole thing becomes more immediate when they can fill in their own
prayer requests for friends, or even for a loved pet."

Copies (#1.60 plus p&p) can be ordered from the Scottish Episcopal Church,
The General Synod Office, 21 Grosvenor Crescent, Edinburgh EH12 5EE.

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