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Taiwan Church Draws Neighbors into "Natural Contact"

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Date Fri, 10 Jan 2003 13:23:19 +0800

Taiwan Church News 2654, January 12, 2003
Reported by Li Hsin-ren. Translated and rewritten by David

   Last September the Ta Kang Shan Neighborhood College was
opened at Kah-ui (Chia-wei) Presbyterian Church in southern
Taiwan's Kaohsiung County. Having come to the end of its first
term, the school reports "100% satisfactory operation" and plans
for expansion in its second term.
   The Rev. Lo Huei-jer, who is both pastor of the church and
principal of the college,
points out that the school receives no public funding and serves
a "catchment area" that is generally agricultural with scattered
population.  Nonetheless, during its first term, 22 course
sections were offered and 264 students enrolled.  Most were
holders of high school diplomas.  Courses included languages
(Taiwanese, English, Japanese), history, photography, fine arts,
and the like.
   "A neighborhood college is an excellent way to bring more
people into natural contact with the church," Rev. Lo said.
"This is very direct.  The college is very 'localized' in its
approach, emphasizing Taiwanese culture transmission. The
Taiwanese language class we offered had to be expanded to two
sections!  There is true mutuality in the classes which blends
neighbors of different social and ethnic backgrounds. We see
advanced understanding, and a deepening of social
   He adds, "Knowing what the future will hold is impossible, but
we press ahead in faith anyway."  The school seeks to attract
more students and put faith to work in the community.  He invites
Christians with the gift of teaching and something to teach to
offer classes under the college's structure. Those who don't feel
called to teach are welcome to assist in administrative affairs.
   Though resources are limited, the first term of the school's
operation yielded many valuable lessons.  Next term, which begins
on February 27th, more course offerings will be added according
to the requests of the neighbors.

For more information: Rev. Lo  +886 7 611 8098

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