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A Taiwanese College Chaplain in the UK

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Date Fri, 10 Jan 2003 13:24:36 +0800

Taiwanese Pastor Goes to UK to Serve College Students
Taiwan Church News 2654, January 12, 2003
Reported by Li Yi-shin. Translated and rewritten by David

   Colleges and universities in the UK have engaged in heavy
student recruiting in Taiwan during recent years, and the number
of local students going to the nations of England &  Scotland,
the Principality of  Wales and the Province of Northern Ireland
has exploded.  In response to the need of these overseas students
for care and concern, the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) and
the Council for World Mission (CWM) have teamed up. The Rev. Mr.
Chang Ren-ho (Tiu* Jin-ho), a campus minister and member of
Pingtung Presbytery, is now in Manchester, England working at a
university pastoral care center based at St. Peter's Church to
serve as spiritual director, chaplain and guide.  His mission
field comprises three universities and the Royal Academy of Music
   The care center focuses on service to Taiwan students
regardless of their religious identification.  Rev. Chang says,
"Firstoff we respect that each person has a unique religious
faith, but every person has life needs that we can help with. So
our conversations don't begin with religion."
   Building from a foundation of trust, a relationship develops.
Current work is to understand the special situation of Taiwanese
students in Manchester. After visitation and listening to the
perceived needs, small groups will be organized to offer
localised relational care.  This will lead, eventually, to using
words to share the gospel with students in the hope that it will
lead to inclusion in the faith and life of churches.
   According to Mr. Chang, the Manchester Taiwanese Students'
Organization dissolved more than a year ago.  He hopes that with
the help of the pastoral care center it can be re-established
this month.  A "Taiwanese Snack Workshop" began last year. It
brings students together once a month for a taste of home..  He
hopes he and the center can increase the scope of care for
Taiwanese young people in the near future.
   In the long term he looks for a Taiwanese student center with
its own administrative facility, vehicle, and means of helping
with the student housing needs.

For more information:
Chang Ren-ho  +44 161 860 7137

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