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Evangelical Delegation in Taiwan Admits "Error is Error"

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Date Wed, 22 Jan 2003 15:41:38 +0800

Taiwan Church News 2656, January 26, 2003
Reported by Ku Hao-jan & Lin Yi-ying. Translated and rewritten by
David Alexander

   "Error is error." A delegation from an association of
Evangelical clergy approached the General Assembly of the
Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) on January 17th to offer
apologies for their group's role in publishing a prayer movement
handbook which contained material offensive to ethnic Taiwanese
Christians.  Rev. Kou Shaw-en, associated with Taipei's Bread of
Life independent church, and Rev. Ju Tai-shen from a congregation
of the Covenant Church met with PCT General Secretary William J.
K. Lo and Associate General Secretary Lim Chong-cheng.	They
discussed contents of a prayer handbook distributed as part of a
nationwide movement towards repentance and revival.
   The PCT officers who received them said that the
interdenominational prayer book's contents should have been clear
and truthful. They accepted the apologies offered. Rev. Lim
stated a belief that in such cases, divine guidance is better
than human. He is certain that offended people will soon feel
healed. Errors happen, and need to be repented.
   Speaking to the historical and linguistic errors and the
insensitive material in the handbook, Rev. Kou said, "The
contents truly aren't very suitable. They demonstrate
insufficient logic." To call back the errors is probably
impossible, but further distribution will cease. "If we can
correct the errors, we can re-edit and reprint."
   Rev. Kou told how when the errors were discovered the senior
pastor of the Bread of Life Church, Rev. Chou Sin-cho, was
contacted. He will return from an overseas trip on the 24th and
will add his apology to those already offered to the PCT.
   The association that produced the handbook has spent a lot of
energy on discussion, confession, repentance and hope for
reconciliation with offended parties since the errors came to
light.	Rev. Lim, for his part, said that "I myself was too busy
to even read the section on Taiwan history. This error is one
fruit of it.  As an individual I feel I have responsibility too."

   The delegation and Rev. Lim joined hands in prayers of
confession, repentance and supplication for forgiveness. They
called on God to guard their speech, to deliver them from the
evil one, and to guide them to reconciliation under the sign of
the cross.

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		      Ju Tai-shen
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		      Chou Sin-cho

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