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Taiwan's College Students Exit the Wilderness

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Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 14:51:46 +0800

Taiwan Church News 2657/8, February 2 & 9, 2003
Reported by Li Hsin-ren. Translated and rewritten by David

   The 40th session of the annual Bible Study and Theology
Conference, sponsored by the university campus ministry office of
the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, was held beginning January
20th at the Presbyterian Bible College in Hsin-chu City.  220
college students from all over Taiwan took part.  More than 40
staff provided leadership.  This year the conference read and
studied through the book of Exodus.
   In addition to small group bible study and discussion,
participants heard theological lectures each day. This year, in
addition to Presbyterian theologians, one from the Free Methodist
Church was invited.
   The Rev. Lo Chun-gi spoke on the background and contents of
Exodus.  He views its story as a religious reformation more than
a political movement.  He called on college students to reflect
on their faith and to find its basis in the scriptures.  The Rev.
Tiu* Tek-khiam (Chang Der-chian) and Ngo Hu-nga (Wu Fu-ya) spoke
on the liberation of Moses and the covenant between God and the
people.  Salvation and covenant figured large in their thoughts.
Professor Keh Eng-bin (Kuo Rong-min) from Holy Light Theological
College spoke on the meaning of Exodus for modern Taiwan.  He
calls on  Taiwan's people not to merely think of relieving
pressure from the past, but to move on towards building a new
   The conference concluded with an experiential element. The
small group participants were first blindfolded, then they linked
hands and were led through the college campus. This ushered them,
in a small way, into the experience of blindness and walking by
faith that was part of the lives of the children of Israel in the
   Response of this year's participants was enthusiastic,
portending increased participation in coming years.

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