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LCMS - Mission society gives $40,000 to World Mission

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Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 11:11:23 -0800

The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod
Board for Communication Services

LCMSNews -- No. 9, February 5, 2003

Mission society gives $40,000 to World Mission

Concerned about dwindling funds for missions, a group of Missouri Synod 
Lutherans -- many of them retired pastors, teachers and lay leaders -- 
decided last summer to start a new mission society with just one partner: 
LCMS World Mission.

Since its founding on July 1, the Jesus Is Lord Mission (JILM) has boosted 
LCMS World Mission's funding by $40,000, enabling the mission board to 
begin laying the groundwork for starting mission work among Muslims in 
Afghanistan, and to replace a retiring missionary in Kazakhstan.

Based in Walburg, Texas, the JILM "has a passion for Christ's mission" and 
is "thankful that it can help make a difference through its prayers, 
concern and support," said Dr. Will Sohns, its president.  Sohns is former 
president of the Synod's Wyoming District.

The mission society -- now 300 members strong -- was formed to "pray for 
the mission, fund the mission, involve ourselves in the mission, speak for 
the mission, seek volunteer and career missionaries for the mission and do 
this with such enthusiasm and singleness of purpose that our beloved Synod 
might be reminded that we, as church, exist for the mission," Sohns says in 
the society's letter to prospective members.

JILM's contributions have been a blessing to the mission board and its 
plans for the future, according to LCMS World Mission Executive Director 
Robert Roegner, allowing the board to move forward in ministries that 
otherwise would have been placed "on hold."

The society's organizing committee includes former LCMS World Mission 
Executive Director Glenn O'Shoney and his wife, Sandra.  Since JILM has no 
paid staff or other administrative costs, O'Shoney noted, "every dollar we 
generate goes to missions and no other purpose."

Zion Lutheran Church in Walburg serves as JILM's headquarters, providing 
office space and volunteers.  Most of the growing society's members have 
been recruited by other members, and O'Shoney said all LCMS church workers 
-- active and retired -- will be asked to join.

"People seem eager to join us -- to support the mission of the church," he 

For more information about the Jesus Is Lord Mission, contact President 
Will Sohns at (254) 986-1131;


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