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Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 13:39:28 -0500

Date: February 4, 2003
Disciples News Service
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
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Administrative Committee meets to outline 
opportunities to live out 2020 Vision

During its January 26-28, 2003 meeting, the Administrative Committee of
the General Board was challenged with the question, "In light of the
2020 Vision, what does God require of this Administrative Committee?" 
The Committee adopted AC-03-1793, which outlines member opportunities to
live out the Vision.  As one example, the Committee decided to direct
pledges, beyond the congregational pledges, to the Disciples Mission
Fund. For a complete meeting summary, go to:


Disciples BMF takes final dip

Disciples common mission fund giving took another dip in 2002 following
a three-year decline and the lowest giving to Basic Mission Finance in
more than a decade. Congregations gave $19.46 million in 2002 to Basic
Mission Finance. But this will be the final dip in BMF, since Disciples
Mission Fund with a new funding system replaced BMF on Jan. 1.	For more
information go to the web at:


Easter offering to emphasize congregational vitality

Congregational vitality will be highlighted during this year's first
Special Offering campaign for the Christian Church (Disciples of
Christ). Following the theme "Give New Life," the Easter Special
Offering emphasizes ways the church's general ministries support and
assist the 3,700 Disciples congregations in their outreach ministries.
Go to for more


The Division of Homeland Ministries to do 
business as Disciples Home Missions

DHM President Arnold C. Nelson, Jr., announces that the Division of
Homeland Ministries will do business as Disciples Home Missions,
"However, our corporate name will remain unchanged," according to
Nelson.  DHM also has a new logo and is using the new slogan, "Equipping
Disciples for Christ."	These changes are effective immediately. 

DHM is the general unit within the Christian Church (Disciples of
Christ), that is committed to both equipping Disciples for Christ and to
connecting people to the life-changing love of God by developing
partnerships throughout the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
Disciples Home Missions is dedicated to serving congregations,
strengthening leaders, and making a difference in the world by revealing
the light of Christ.


Team Leadership Conference meets to 
explore revitalization effort

The Team Leadership Conference (TLC), comprised of members of the
general cabinet, the college of regional ministers and representatives
of higher education, met in Indianapolis, January 7-9, 2003.  The focus
of this gathering was to explore the qualitative element of the 2020
Vision, which calls for revitalization of 1000 congregations.  For more
information, go to:


Correction on Willis Jones information

Some information provided to our office and reported at the death of
Willis Jones, first professional president of the Disciples of Christ
Historical Society, was incorrect. Willis Jones was not awarded a
Garfield Scholar honor by Emmanuel School of Religion.	He was simply a
scholar on the subject of President James A. Garfield.

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