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Taiwanese Theologian Speaks out on War Threat

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Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 15:31:18 +0800

Taiwan Church News 2659, February 16, 2003
Reported by Li Hsin-ren. Translated and rewritten by David

   Dr. Hwang Po-ho (Ng Pek-ho), the president of Tainan
College in Taiwan and current moderator of the Council for World
spoke out on the possibility of war between an American led
coalition and
Iraq.  "It doesn't matter why, war is brutal and hard.	The
innocent victims
of war are those who, in the end, are the most severely injured."
>From his
standpoint in Christian faith, Dr. Hwang refuses to support
   He sees some reasons behind the American buildup of forces,
but also
notes that the conflict between the two nations has arisen from
the question
of weapons of mass destruction.  The UN Security Council's action
sending weapons inspectors has been the correct response so far.
However, he notes that if Iraq is not cooperative in response to
the UN, the
US has a legitimate reason to increase international pressure to
get Iraq to
   Advancing his argument another step, he says that the evidence
by US Secretary of State, Colin Powel, was not convincing.  At
least, as
the evidence was reported in the mass media, there was not enough
him.  He says, "America might do well to accept the suggestions
France, to get the entire Security Council with its many member
nations into
the discussion about how the UN and Iraq should cooperate.  Armed

attack should only be undertaken with UN support."
   The flashpoints of the conflict, he says, are quite obvious.
They are in the
areas of International Nuclear policy and International
antiterrorist policies.
He feels the Security Council discussion still benefits
disputants, but not the
cause of justice and righteousness.  Therefore, the UN's role as
of international peace is compromised.	This has happened because

America has disregarded the UN and sent out its military
   Speaking to the role of the church in this conflict situation,
Dr. Hwang
admits that its strength cannot compare to the nations armed for
war, but
advocates continuing open cooperation through ecumenical agencies
speak to the governments of all nations.  The voice of the
churches should
be one of dialogue, and there must be prayer for the mercy of

For more information: Hwang Po-ho

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