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Taiwan Theological College Dean Disappointed with Board

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Date Fri, 21 Feb 2003 09:43:40 +0800

Taiwan Church News 2660, February 23, 2003
Reported by Li Hsin-ren. Translated and rewritten by David
(Reference Taiwan Church News 2659, February 16th, 2003)

   Dr. Cheng Yangen, one of six professors from Taiwan
Theological College who signed a joint letter of resignation on
February 10th, responded to the action of the school's board with
disappointment.  "The board's response does not speak to the item
in the teachers' letter that asks for the replacement of college
president Liao Shang-sin. The board seems to regard Mr. Liao's
performance as flawless. It has said that the problems all are on
the side of the ones who submitted the joint resignation letter."

   Dr. Cheng emphatically stated that the matter of the teachers'
remaining or going was not the main focal point of the entire
affair. They want to arouse Taiwan's churches to reflect upon
"the future of Taiwan Theological College and the entire process
of theological education in this country."  He added, "It has
long been the case at this college that the board hires the
president, and all is left to him."
   In response to board comments that the teachers' action had
been contrary to the spirit of Christian faith because they
released their letter openly before holding discussions with the
board, Dr. Cheng said, "Things in this college only go one way.
For many years proposals have been sent up to the administration
and the board and many projects have been presented, including
many items from the joint letter of resignation. But the
suggestions have all been ignored.  The college's issues have not
been resolved."
   According to Dr. Cheng, the college's regulations state that
resignations are to be submitted 90 days in advance.  In other
words, the professors will continue on duty until their
resignations take effect in May.  They will teach their assigned
courses in the meantime and finish the new term's work
   Responding to the board chairman's statement that their
resignation, because it did not follow established procedures,
was not accepted by the board, Dr. Cheng admits that it may be
true for the resignations of the other five teachers, but in his
own case, all procedures had been followed.  His letter had been
communicated to the college president.	Those of the other five
teachers would also be submitted accordingly.

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