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Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 09:44:06 EST

 From The Headquarters of
Metropolitan Community Churches .

For Immediate Release:	25 February 2003

Los Angeles -- The newly formed Board of Administration (BOA) of Metropolitan
Community Churches (MCC), the world's largest Christian denomination with a
primary affirming ministry to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered
persons, has authorized an immediate increase of $100,000 to annual budgets
managed by MCC's regional elders in 22 countries. The increased funding for
the MCC regions will provide additional resource development for local
congregations -- a core commitment of the recent denominational transition --
and facilitate international travel by MCC's new regional elders.

The Board of Administration is committed to finding ways achieve these
regional budget increases within the confines of tight financial constraints,
including the upcoming half percent reduction in local church tithes and
assessments. These regional budget increases will be achieved by refinancing
the mortgage on MCC's denominational headquarters in this very favorable
financing environment, obtaining a short-term line of credit, adjusting the
current year's denominational budget, and accelerating MCC's fund development

Dr. Cynthia H. Love, Vice-Chair of the Board of Administration and leader of
the Communications and Development Team said, "This increase is considered
essential to ensure continuity of the globalization efforts launched January
1, 2003. We fully appreciate that our international MCC leaders are
challenged by decisions regarding immigration and travel across national
borders. These challenges are creating additional costs for our Elders,
Pastors and Laity who are already ministering in 22 countries and reaching
out to an increasing number of other countries. We are unwilling to retreat
from our efforts to turn toward each other through God's love and these
additional funds will ensure that we can continue to travel where and when we
need to go to be of service."

We want to send a clear message that we believe that the real answer to peace
worldwide is in facilitating authentic conversation person-to-person and our
ministries are focused on bringing people into that the type of conversation
that is made possible through the love of Jesus Christ. Ours in an inclusive
fellowship that leaves no one "out of the circle."

We need venues in which the intention is listening not debating, confronting,
blaming or negotiating. Human conversation is the most ancient and easiest
way to cultivate the conditions for change-personal change, community and
organizational change and planetary change. If we can sit together and talk
about what is important to us, we begin to come alive to each other.

Members of the MCC Board of Administration serve without compensation and are
appointed by the Board of Elders of MCC for one or two year terms. The Board
Chair is Jerry Small of Florida, retired former executive of IBM. Gregory
Kurdian also of Florida is Chief Executive Officer of Sunbound and serves as
Secretary/Treasurer of the BOA. Marsha Warren, a Certified Public Accountant
from Texas serves as Chair of the Audit Team. Risk Management Team chair is
Judy Dale, former Great Lakes District Coordinator, from Louisville,
Kentucky. Stephen Harte, Attorney from Edinburgh, Scotland, serves as chair
of the Governance Team. Other BOA members are The Rev. Jeff Miner, Senior
Pastor of Jesus MCC in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Cynthia Love, from Texas
and a former Director of the TORO Company. She recently accepted the role of
Executive Dean at Brookhaven College.

The new Board has committed to complete an internal audit as one of the last
steps of the transition to global regions. "The Board of Administration is
determined to ensure that the business of our denomination is conducted on a
professional and transparent basis," said Jerry Small, chair of the MCC BOA.
"The upcoming internal audit is a key step in that direction." This audit and
annual report will be presented at the General Conference at the Anatole
Hotel in Dallas, Texas July 1-6, 2003.

Along with the MCC Headquarters Staff and Board of Elders, the MCC Board of
Administration also established the priorities for 2003 of:  Resourcing and
Conferences; Training, Leadership & Credentials; Transition Completion,
Assessment and Feedback; and Fund Development. The MCC denomination recently
launched the Founders Circle donor program in honor of the 34-year ministry
of the Rev. Troy Perry, Moderator.  Members and friends of the Fellowship are
invited to participate in this fund which honors the vision of MCC's founder
and proceeds of which assist with local church resourcing and international
denominational growth. In keeping with MCC's international focus, the Board
is currently working to set up a vehicle to allow members and friends in the
United Kingdom to participate in the Founders Circle tax efficiently and the
Board is committed to addressing these issues in other countries around the
world. Additional information on membership in the Founders Circle is
available by writing to

Along with its positive ministry to gays and lesbians, Metropolitan Community
Churches has a long history of social justice ministry in support of
individuals who experience oppression based upon religion, homophobia,
racism, economic status, and gender bias.  Rev. Jeff Miner, a member of the
new MCC Board of Administration noted, "Since religious organizations have
taken the lead in condemning GLBT people, MCC has a pivotal role to play in
the justice struggle for GLBT people.  Ours can be a powerful, positive
spiritual voice."

Founded in 1968, Metropolitan Community Churches offer positive, affirming
ministry to gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender persons, and their
families and friends. Additional information on MCC is available on the
Internet at A free MCC e-mail newsletter is available upon
request by writing to


For Additional Information, Contact:
Jim Birkitt
MCC Communications Director
8704 Santa Monica Boulevard, Second Floor
West Hollywood, CA  90069
Tel. (310) 360-8640, Ext. 226

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