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Taiwan Church Vows Support for Suffering Women

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Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 15:49:06 +0800

Taiwan Church News 2661, March 2, 2003
Reported by Li Yi-shin . Translated and rewritten by David

   March 2nd is Women's Ministry Sunday in the Presbyterian
Church in Taiwan (PCT). The Women's ministry department of the
General Assembly calls on all church members to care for and
support suffering women.
   General Assembly Women's Ministry Secretary Lin Niling quoted
from the New Testament Epistle to the Church at Corinth, "If one
part suffers, we all suffer" as she called on Christians to learn
how to care for women in the midst of suffering situations.
"Domestic violence," she said, "is not the will of God."
   "This year we have opposed violence and terrorism in the
world.	And now we are particularly concerned with the lives of
the elderly, of women and of children, hoping that all can escape
violence.  Non violent opposition is the best way."
    She added, "According to United Nations figures, one fourth
of the women of the world are victims of violence.  In the year
2000, 98% Taiwan's domestic violence rescue cases involved women
as the victims."
   The Women's Ministry Committee has produced and distributed a
wallet sized card giving phone numbers for women's concern and
family rescue centers run by the PCT, the Garden of Hope
Foundation, and other agencies around Taiwan.  The card will
enable women in most parts of the country to be in touch with a
local agency, or, through calling 113, with a national call
routing center that can get help to them soon.

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