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February 25, 2003

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New  York,  NY	-- The Leadership 100 Award for Excellence was presented to
United	States	Senator  Paul S. Sarbanes, CIA Director George J. Tenet and
the  famed contemporary instrumentalist Yanni at the 12th Annual Conference
of  the membership of the Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100 Endowment Fund,
held February 19-23, at The Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island, Florida.

The  CIA  Director,  George Tenet, was the first to receive the honor after
delivering  a stirring talk at the Forum on Hellenism on Thursday, February
20.  The  son of Greek immigrants, Tenet called the gathering his "extended
family" and said he awoke each morning honoring his father and his mother.

The  CIA  Director  described  the  current  world situation as a "world in
turbulence" where conditions of poverty, disease and human misery created a
sanctuary and breeding ground for terrorism. He said that while the last 16
months	saw  success  in  combating  terrorism, there is concern over other
looming  threats  such as the spread of AIDS in Africa to Russia, China and
Eastern  Europe,  creating  unstable societies. He cited the cooperation of
many  Arab  countries in eliminating the worldwide terrorist network. Tenet
said  his models for public service are the late Senator Paul Tsongas, Sen.
Paul  S.  Sarbanes  and former Representative John Brademas. He urged young
Greek Americans to consider careers in public service.

Senator Sarbanes led the Business Forum on Friday, February 21, speaking on
his   pioneering  legislation,	the  Sarbanes-Oxley  Act,  which  addresses
corporate  reform  and	accounting  standards  and was passed into law last
July.  He  described  the  intricate process of gaining adoption, which was
finally  achieved  when  major	corporate  scandals  continued to shock the
nation.   The  Senator,  a  Democrat  from Maryland, cited the necessity of
maintaining confidence in America's capital markets as the major motivation
for  his  actions  in  combating  corruption in corporate management and in
auditing firms, as well as in securities trading. He said that the scandals
had seriously shaken confidence in a system admired around the world.

In response to his remarks, Peter Barris, a Leadership 100 member who heads
a  venture  capital  firm, led a panel consisting of Leadership 100 members
Charles  H.  Cotros,  recently	retired  CEO  of  Sysco Corporation, George
Stamas,  an  international  lawyer and Phil Angelides, the California State
Treasurer.  The  panel	challenged  some  aspects  of  the legislation, and
Senator  Sarbanes  acknowledged  that  some  changes  would  be  necessary,
especially  regarding  additions  to his original bill. But all agreed that
Sarbanes,  the	son of Greek immigrants and Maryland's longest serving U.S.
Senator, had achieved great success in his legislative leadership.

Yanni, best known for his groundbreaking concerts at the Acropolis, the Taj
Mahal  and  the Forbidden City, whose albums have global sales of more than
20  million and has received 35 gold and platinum awards, was honored along
with  Sen.  Sarbanes at the Grand Banquet on Saturday, February 22. He said
his  medium  wasn't  words, but music, and that he was stirred by the words
acknowledging  his achievements. After a temporary absence from performing,
the unique musician will launch a 58-city U.S. concert tour in March.

His  Eminence  Archbishop  Demetrios,  who  joined  Leadership 100 Chairman
Arthur	C. Anton in presenting the awards, said the three honorees were all
agents	of  transformation  in their respective fields, and he spoke of the
Gospel	message  as  one  of  transformation calling for the renewal of our
lives  and  minds.  The Archbishop led two Bible Studies, which have become
the cornerstone of Leadership 100 conferences.

In  other actions, the Leadership 100 Board of Trustees reelected Arthur C.
Anton  to  a  two-year	term  as Chairman. The Board also reelected John A.
Payiavlas,  Vice  Chairman,  Bert  W.  Moyar,  Treasurer and Constantine G.
Caras,	Secretary,  to	two-year  terms  as well. In addition, it reelected
Caras,	George	Behrakis  and  George  Marcus  to  three-year  terms on the
Executive  Committee  and 13 members of the Board of Trustees Class of 2003
to three-year terms on the Board.

Archbishop  Demetrios,	in  his  addresses  at	all the meetings and events
throughout the Conference, praised Leadership 100, which has made more than
$13  million  in  grants  since  its  founding in 1984, for its $10 million
commitment  to	scholarships  for candidates for the priesthood at Hellenic
College/Holy  Cross  School  of  Theology,  for its new program eliminating
student  loan  debt for active clergy, for underwriting Internet Ministries
and  Information  Technology  at  the  Greek  Orthodox	Archdiocese and for
assisting youth and family ministries.

Despite major disruptions in travel due to the severe weather in many parts
of  the  country,  some  350  members  and  guests attended the Conference,
including  Metropolitan  Iakovos  of  Chicago,	Metropolitan Anthony of San
Francisco,  Metropolitan  Alexios  of  Atlanta,  Metropolitan  Nicholas  of
Detroit, and Bishop Dimitrios of Xanthos.

Over  the  last  3  years,  Leadership 100 has grown dramatically, now fast
approaching  700  members,  and  has  raised  close  to  $40 million in new

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